Six Real Honest Sayings a Woman does not love to hear

One thing I have noticed about women is that there are certain real honest sayings they don’t want to hear from the lips of men. Funny right?

Irrespective of the fact that they may be true, women don’t just want to hear it.

If you’re a man reading this, do you sometimes wonder why women get angry over some things you say?

To you, those things you say should not be enough to upset her right?

Well, it’s good you’re aware of what those real honest sayings you utter are so you know if you should say them or not.

Are you wondering what those real honest sayings are?

You won’t have to wonder for too long as you will find out what they are if you are patient enough to read up till the end.

Those real honest sayings are:

“You’ve added weight”:

Teenage girl (14-15) looking in to mirror, side view

One thing a woman loves is to be complimented on her looks though positive and not negative.

So when a man tells her she has added weight, she feels insulted. Even though it may be true, she really doesn’t want to hear it.

All she wants to hear is how beautiful she looks.

“I don’t like your dress”:

There are times a woman wears some clothes that might not appeal to a man whereas to her, she looks splendid.

As a man, you’ll surely spoil her day if you tell her that the dress she’s wearing doesn’t look nice.

When you tell her such words, you have killed her morale and trust me, she won’t be happy for the rest of that day.

“Your food isn’t tasty”:

This is one of the real honest sayings I don’t like that men say.

After a woman has spent so much time cooking for a man, he ends up telling her that her food is either salty or not tasty.

No matter how bad the food is, there should be a bit of compliment for the effort she put in.

“I don’t like your friends”:

We all know that most of the time it is men that hang out with friends either to watch football or catch up.

So when a man tells a woman he doesn’t like her friends then she starts feeling biased.

After all, if a man can have friends why can’t a woman have friends as well.

When a man starts telling her such, she feels trapped.

“You’re not good in bed”:

Six real honest sayings a woman does not love to hear (2)

Of all the real honest sayings I think this is the worst any man can tell a woman.

For crying out loud, if she’s not good in bed like you claim, why don’t you teach her to be?

Telling a woman this would just dampen her spirit and make her more self conscious.

“I don’t really like” it or “its okay”:

When a woman buys a man something, and he reacts by saying “I don’t really like it,” or “it’s okay” then he’s in for real trouble.

A woman wants to know she’s appreciated for the things she does even if you don’t really like it.

Try putting yourself in her shoes at times and you’ll know how it feels.

Telling her this would not make her happy at all.

One thing you should know as a man is that even if the things you say to her are true, you should try to sugar coat it when next you want to tell her such.

This is so that she won’t feel annoyed by those words.

Men say what they think while women react to what they hear.

These real honest sayings though true sound bitter in the ears of women.

Even if you want to pass a message to her, do it stylishly and not too direct.

How many men can be honest enough to say they have voiced out any of these real honest sayings before?

Don’t feel shy! Spill the beans! We’d love to know…

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