Romantic Gestures That Scare Women Away From You That You Don’t Know

Romantic Gestures That Scare Women Away From You That You Don’t Know

Have you ever seen any woman you love to be your girlfriend or even your wife? Or have you ever fallen in love with a certain woman and you’ve tried to get her fall in love with you with all you know, but it happens to go awry?

Chances are that, you’ve carried out seemingly good romantic gesture but it got her scared and she’s no longer interested in you anymore.

Romantic Gestures That Scare Women Away From You That You Don’t KnowYes, there are so many of such gestures, that guys thought are good but women don’t just love them. No, you will never been told by the woman, that, this is the reason why you put her off. You’ve got to figure it out but sometimes, it not that easy because, at that period, you’re a little confuse.

You don’t know why and your mind might start wondering about lots of things that could have possibly happened.

Well, I want to tell you one romantic gesture that’s very good to the eyes, and all men believe women should have no other choice than accepting the gesture as beautiful and romantic.

Here’s what I want you to take notice and you’ll see that, it’s what you’ve been possibly doing that scared those ladies off.

Showing too much too soon

The truth is, every man whether with good intention or otherwise, wants to quickly won the heart of any woman they are interested.

Why, because, there’s competition out there, and it is believe if you don’t act fast, someone else might take her away from you. After all, you’re not the only one that wants to win her heart.

So, here’s the thing…..

If you’re starting a romantic relationship with someone and you’re already seeing her as your wife, even though, you still have a lot to discuss with her going from dating and being romantically involved before getting to marriage.

You have to learn to control your emotion. You can be absolutely brimming with lots of affection for her, but what will help you is to try and keep some of these feeling to yourself, at least for now.

The truth is that, women generally loved to be cared for, though everyone does too, but for the fact that, women love to be cared for, does not mean you have to shower all your affection on her within a short period with your romantic love messages, compliments, good night and good morning emails, calls…..just to show you love her.

If you try all of these, you will scare her off and she will start to lose interest in being romantically involved with you.

So, you don’t have to start telling her you love her within the first week or two of meeting her. Try to let her to be on the same pedal with you so that you can be able to balance your affection.

Any guy that shows too much too soon, is most likely going to lose the woman because, that’s an attitude of a clingy boyfriend. Guys too don’t love a clingy girlfriend, so why should you now get clingy because you thought of the competition out there.

There are many more seemingly good romantic gestures but this one is just at the top of them all. This is because most guys go through this path and it’s a wrong path to follow, if you’re even going to win her heart.

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