Here Is What Research Says About You If You Facebook Stalk On Your Partner

Here Is What Research Says About You If You Facebook Stalk On Your Partner

Since the inception of Facebook social networking site, it has made it possible to access other people’s private life turn to public life and gain access to information they are sharing, who are they communicating with, who are their friends and their interest.

With plenty information being displayed on Facebook, (though you have the right to make your information private but nothing online is really private) you can easily keep in touch with your friends, family members and love ones. You can as well easily have access to your romantic partner’s updates on Facebook, making it possible to check out on his or her profile if you feel something suspicious about your partner.

Here Is What Research Says About You If You Facebook Stalk On Your Partner

There’s nothing wrong checking on your partner’s Facebook update and her profile but if you find yourself doing this every time, surveying every possible move about your partner, you might be jealous.

It has been noted that, surveillance was second most cited reason why some partners are on Facebook in the first place, just to monitor their partner’s Facebook activities, since there’s lots going on on Facebook.

Jealousy might not be the sole reason why people Facebook stalk on their romantic partner, doing that also provide the opportunity to see who are the potential threat to their romantic relationship, who might be competing with them for possibly taken over.

In the research carried out, these were the area of assessment; relationship satisfaction, partner trust, quality of potential alternatives, commitment to the relationship and the investment in the relationship. By investment, I mean the sacrifice you put in that relationship like your time, money and other things which can’t be quantified.

The result shows that, those who “Facebook stalk” on their partner are likely the one that are less satisfied with their relationship and also those who have invested in the relationship fear losing out on their investment in the relationship if it end.

Most people that Facebook stalk on their partner don’t trust them and they feel jealous because of their highly investment in the relationship.

For the people who were not that invested in the relationship, the issue of trust was not related to why they Facebook monitor their partner. What this suggests is that, the people that has little or nothing to lose in the relationship are ready to take a risk and not bother to keep surveillance on untrustworthy partner, meanwhile, those who are heavily invested in the relationship have enough to worry about and this account for why they try as much as possible to stay informed of any possible potential threat to their investment.

You’re more likely to Facebook stalk on your partner and check on his or her activities if you’re less satisfied in your relationship, jealous, have no trust in your partner and have heavily invested in the relationship (investment in relationship can also mean, emotional investment and not necessarily mean monetary investment).

Checking on your partner’s Facebook profile is never a bad thing and is not likely to destroy your relationship, but if you find yourself engrossed with this activities, that could be a very good sign that you are not satisfied with your partner in the relationship or your relationship is lacking trust and you feel you’re going to be at the receiving end if the relationship ended because of your investment.

Are you Facebook stalking on your romantic partner for possible other reasons? I’d love it if you can share your experience with us using the comment form below and don’t also forget to share this information with any of the social networking icons below.

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