First Thing You Must Know Before You Make Lifetime Commitment With Your Lover

First Thing You Must Know Before You Make Lifetime Commitment With Your Lover

In the ages past, when you announce to your parent, that you have found the love of your heart. Your parent will be happy with you, but they will ask you the first question that always comes to the mind of every parent of those generation.

What question am I talking about here, if you think it is about, did you love him or her? or are you sure, it is not his handsomeness or her beauty, that makes you fall for him or her? you might not be right.

First Thing You Must Know Before You Make Lifetime Commitment With Your LoverSo, what it is that you will be asked? It is all about the background of where he or she is coming from. I’m not sure if that question is still being asked in this generation. If there will be, it is not that many. And this account for many troubles in marriages of this generation, the kind of trouble you will hardly find in the past generation.

Before you make lifetime commitment with your lover, you must first find out his or her background. Don’t joke with it, it is very important, if you want to enjoy your marriage and have a fulfilling long term relationship, find out his or her background, where is he or she coming from, what is their family believe and what value do they hold.

As a separate entity, we are all complex human being, the way we grow up, our environment, and the values that our family share, has a lot of influence on us, and that is where our background is coming from. We have been shaped by this background and it has taught us lots of experience about life, and it has become part of us.

Surprisingly, lots of people don’t bother about checking the background of whom they want to get married to. When we are in love, we just don’t care anymore, we take it as a little issue, whereas, it is a very big issue.

There is this African adage, that said “this is how we do it in our land, however, it is an abomination in another peoples’ land”. You can also look at it this way, “one man’s food is another man’s poison” [Read; How not to ruin your relationship]

If you don’t find out how his or her background is, you might fall in the wrong hand, and you will have to endure that marriage for life, except if you want a divorce, that is one thing, I never pray for in every marriage.

Now that you know, go start to find out the background of your lover, don’t let love blindfold you to the reality where you’ll spend the rest of your life, enduring your marriage and regretting why you got married to him or her latter.

I will so much appreciate it, if you can share your experience with us, about failing to find out the background of your lover before the lifetime commitment. Please do share this information with any of the social media icons below.

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