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We don’t look for love because it’s lonely to be watching movies alone, because it’s sad to eat meals on your own, because it’s nice to cuddle up with someone on rainy days.

We look for love because we want to be accepted, for the sloppy ways we dress, for the clumsy way we eat our meals, for bad hair days and for the simplicity in us.

Love is an act of acceptance, that with all our imperfections, we are accepted and loved.

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Below Are Some Relationship Love Quotes For You

Sometimes, when you love someone very much, you have to go thru every tear, every heartache, every pain. Because in the end, it’s not how you suffered, but how much you loved!

Take time to listen to your heart sometimes. You need not to ask yourself who you really love most, but ask yourself who really makes you happy and who makes you feel loved.

You shouldn’t be walking in front of me, I might not follow you and don’t walk behind me because I may not lead but all you need to do is to walk beside me and be my friend, we can walk miles together with one heart full of love.

There maybe those on earth who dress better or eat better, but those who dream of me sleep better and wake up happier!

In the maze of love, try not to lose yourself, so that when love is no longer willing to stay, you still have the greatest possession and gift that no one could take away… yourself.

A cute love story: There was a little boy whose first love was a young girl in a picture which he found and picked from the street. As time went by, he got married, but still kept it. One day, the wife found it and asked, “Where did you get this?” The man said, “I kept that since I was a child, why?” The girl replied, “I lost this picture when I was 9…”

Love? Shakespeare explained it thru Romeo and Juliet. Picaso thru his paintings. Lovers thru flowers. But no one beats my best friend’s style, he explained it to me thru the cross.

Here is a sweet truth: “Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else.” Here is the bitter catch: “When you kept on waiting but nobody came, it means that you’ve already let that one pass you by.”

I believe that a man is lucky if he wins the first love of a woman. But the truth is, a woman is luckier if she wins the last love of a man.

It’s an enigma when you fall in love and accept that some good things never last. Suddenly, you’ll begin to see yourself as nothing. It’s an agony to accept that despite the feelings you have, it’s all not enough. But when you love someone, you would do the hardest thing. And yes, it’s not going to be easy, but at least you know that what you felt was real.

Never love someone who would lie to you, who would never show his/her trust and would never ever let you feel you’re loved.

A butterfly was in love with a white rose. One day, the butterfly proposed to the rose. The white rose told him that when she turns red, that’s the only time she’ll love him. The butterfly then fly, cut his body and spread his blood on the rose. The rose turned red and fell in love with the butterfly, but the butterfly was no longer alive. Love sacrifices are sometimes useless especially if that someone doesn’t know how to appreciate. They will come to realize important things when it’s already too late.

It is better to have nobody than somebody who is half yours, half there or doesn’t want to be there, or is there and then suddenly disappears.

If you really love someone, you wouldn’t have the heart to hurt that person no matter what it takes. You will always find a way to make her happy, because that is what constitutes love among people. You are overjoyed when you see her happy. That’s true love. Seeing happiness in her eyes is enough to prove what love is.

You should never look for someone to complete you. A relationship consists of two whole individuals. Look for someone complimentary, not supplementary. – Oprah Winfrey.

Sometimes in life, we ask and seek for someone we can have and keep, but there’s nothing much you can really do but to wait for the right person whose quest in life is nothing else but to find you too!

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