In Love Relationship Quotes You Should Send to Your Lover

When you’re in love, you constantly want to get in touch with your lover using any in love relationship quotes, and the excitement you get in return when your lover response positively, make you feel you’re in a different world entirely.

Keeping the sparkling generated by your new found love everyday, is the desire of everyone irrespective of your age, color or race.

Surely you can’t be with your lover every time but there is something you can do that can always represent you, your thought, and everything you mean to your love.

What you can do is to always send your lover romantic love text messages, reminding them that you care so much for them, and they mean so much to you as well.

In this post I have selected many in love relationship quotes for you, just go ahead and read them, select the one that is most suitable to your taste and send them right away and watch the amazing responses that will be returned from your lover.

In Love Relationship Quotes

Below Are our in Love Relationship Quotes

1. Sometimes, caring is better than loving. Sometimes, tea is better than coffee. Sometimes, smile is better than laughter, but nobody is better than you, finding time to text me.

2. It’s hard to trust and it’s hard to cry. It’s hard to love and later say goodbye… but it’s much harder to say no, but that is life’s way of making our hearts grow.

3. You are the one person in this world that I would never trade with anyone else. You’ve given me memories so unique in you and what else?! Guess they’ll never understand unless they get the chance to get to know you.

4. Having been committed to love someone means losing the opportunity of having others love you. So, be sure that the person you’re committed to deserves your love and is worthy of your sacrifice.

5. Love isn’t about two people holding each other and never letting go. It’s about two people holding hands while they embrace the world and go through the best and worst in life.

6. When I was walking alone, I wished that I can reach the end of the road. But when you walked with me, I wish the road would never end because I would rather be lost with you than to reach the end without you.

7. In times of trouble, or when you feel that no one cares for you, don’t forget that whenever a tear falls from your eyes, two tears fall from mine, that’s how much I care.

8. I wonder why just when I learned to wait, it was when you never came. I wonder just when I learned to laugh, you made me cry. And just when I’ve learned to love you so much, it was when you walk away.

9. Walk with me when you feel your heart needs company. Take my hand when you feel all alone. Turn to me when you need someone to lean on coz I’m a friend you can always depend on.

10. Whenever I make your phone beep, I know that at one part you’ve uttered “Ikaw lang pala.” and I couldn’t blame you for that. But at anytime, I just want you to know that this “lang” cares for you so much.

11. If you want to know how much God loves you, try to catch every single raindrop. The ones you catch is how much you love God and the ones you miss is how much God loves you.

12. Unexpectedly, you came into my life. We started as strangers and doesn’t even know that both of us exists. Now that I knew you, I have realized the beauty of expecting the unexpected

13. There was a time I fell in love with someone very special. I told myself that I’ll never give up on that person, but one day, I did. Why? Finally, I realized, it’s time to be kind to myself and allow what is not meant for me to go to where it belong!

14. You may not need me now, not today, not tomorrow, maybe not ever, but even if for just one moment you feel alone…please remember, I’m just here.

15. You never know who really cares for you until your whole world gets too dark. If you fall into pieces, look at your side, someone is there watching out for your hand, just take it, its mine!

16. If you could be a part of my body, I’ll let you be my heart! For I want you to be the one who beats and to be the center of all my emotions and be the last one to stop when I’m gone.

17. I made a painting but it was left in black and white, until I found you. Now it’s complete and full of colours. I call this painting of mine, “MY LIFE”. Thanks for being part of it.

18. Life is so short to waste time for someone who’s unworthy for your love. It’s so sad when the right person will not be able to search for you coz you’re too busy all your life making the wrong person right for you.

19. May your salty days be peppered with spicy love, may you bask in lemon sunshine, play on strawberry fields under a vanilla sky. Have a yummy morning! Good morning!

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31 thoughts on “In Love Relationship Quotes You Should Send to Your Lover”

  1. Bernard Adewale

    my girl and I have been in the relationship for a year now and I love her so much, but she start behaving funny when she went for her youth service (NYSC), she complained that I disturbed her too much with call, she won’t pick call most of the time and she’ll be hurry to drop the call if she eventually pick it, our communication do not flow as before, and I have asked her so many time what is the problem but she said nothing happened. But my mind was telling me may be she sees another guy in the camp, pls advice me

    1. Most ladies once they get to NYSC they made many mistake. I know much about this because I have seen it all. I have seen the ones that are already engaged but still flex around during their service year, so, it’s not a new thing to me.

      Here’s what I can advice you.

      If you have the time, visit her without notice but you must be very bold, not to fight or do anything strange, because what you’ll see, your heart might not take it.

      There are so many shining objects out there during the service years, but what most of these ladies don’t know is that only very few of them work out. 1 out of every 5000 do work out.

      It is after the program that, their eyes will come down.
      But here’s is something.

      You must take your stand now, though it may be hurtful, but it’s better to go through it now than enduring it for very long time.
      If you cannot cope with her anymore, make your decision and let her know what you’ve decided.

      You can’t be here waiting for her and she’s over there flirting around and sleeping with other guy other without minding what you’ll be going through here.

      So, it’s left for you now.
      If I’m in your shoe right now and with my experience during my service year, I will do exactly as I have tried to tell you here.

      I wish you well bro.

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