Love Quotes For Him And Her; True Love Quotes

Romantic Love Quotes For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Have you been wondering what romantic true love quotes or love text quotes you can send to your boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe you got some ideas but you need more to prove to him or her how much you cherish the love between you both.

Love quotesI’m sure at the end of these selected romantic love text quotes, you’ll be able to see more than enough to back up your ideas and prove your worth in term of what he or she really mean to you and and you can also use this for your self love quotes.

Check below the true love quotes and love text messages for him and her

1. I want my eyes to be your eyes so you could see how wonderful you are, I want my heart to be your heart so you could feel how much you mean to me, and I want my ear to be your ear so you could hear me whisper “I love you.”

2. To be so happy, lean to love yourself and all the flaws you have and can’t possibly change, then you’ll be able to love other people much better and this will reflect in your relationship with your partner.

3. A relationship between two persons is like a house. When a light bulb burns out, you do not go and buy a new house. You fix the light bulb!

4. To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot even if you don’t understand her at all!Love Quotes

5. It is true that love makes the world go around but it must first start with loving yourself.  Your uniqueness is your superpower, stop comparing yourself to other and loving self is not vanity love but a sanity love.

6. All relationships have this law: Never make your loved one feel alone while you are there.

7. Falling in love with thyself first does not make you useless or selfish. It makes you imperishable

8. If a married man tells you that he loves you more than his wife, think twice; but if he tells you he loves you and not his wife, better think a hundred times.

9. You cannot really feel the yearning, the love, even if he tells you once, twice, or a hundred times, if there’s no love, there’s no really love.

10. The best love has been found in the world of friendship. It is the kind of love that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more; that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that’s what you have given me. And that’s what I’d hope to give you now and forevermore.

11. The key to succeeding in marriage is not finding the right person; it’s learning to love the person you found. Sustaining love is not a passive or spontaneous experience. It takes time, effort, and energy. And most importantly, it takes wisdom. You have to know what to do to make your marriage work. Love in marriage is a decision, not just a feeling.

12. Love for someone sometimes doesn’t worth fighting for and doesn’t worth risking for, only if that someone doesn’t really have no feeling of love for you at all.

13. Until you know how to love thy self, you cannot truly love other persons in your life. You’re not being selfish with love; self-love is just up and above every other love except your love for your creator. I love you baby.

14. If a woman were to love again, she’d better pick a bachelor. Because a married man had already found his only one true love – his wife. And the only thing he could give to you is half of what he has. One half is lust and the other half is lies. Who knows you have the wrong half? But either half can do no good to you.

Guys, here’s something special if you want to turn any girl into your girlfriend and not making this big mistake, that anyone who made it, should just forget about turning her into his girlfriend.

I hope you find enough love quotes for her to support your ideas and if you feel you don’t get enough here? Don’t worry, just check related love quotes for her or true love quotes for him below for more  true love quotes for boyfriend and girlfriend.

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23 thoughts on “Love Quotes For Him And Her; True Love Quotes”

  1. My name is Emeka john.

    From Lagos. I have I girl I want to married but I don’t understand the girl she not open with me what do I do?

    1. If she is not open with you, it then mean you should find another person that will open with you. I wonder why you call her your girlfriend when she didn’t open to you. How do you guys discuss intimate things then?
      Move on if she’s not yielding to your talk about the future of your relationship.

  2. Grey Diamond

    I have dis girl friend I like her and she likes me too. at times she triggers me on sex via de kind of play she plays with me, but Wen I want to respond to her play she comes back to her senses and pretends she don’t want it with all seriousness. she dnt want such kind of play, but she will always be de one to start such rough play. And Wen you choose to be on ur own she comes disturbing again. wat do I do?

    1. Hello Grey Diamond,
      what you need to do is simple, some girls are just like that, they will initiate the act and back off, pretending they don’t want it. Here is what you should do, play with her and tease her, don’t be rough just as she has been doing to you, you just have to take it gently with her and gradually turn her on, even if she is begin for sex, do as if you don’t want it, that all you care for is the fore-play.
      When you continue to play with her like that, you’re gradually warming her up, her sexual desire will begin to increase and it will get to the extent that, you’ll not even need to ask for it before giving it to you with no stress. Just learn to hold on and not rush into the act immediately even if she triggers you with such rough play as you call it.
      Hope this help.


    1. Let be frank here, if you claim to love her, then you would have left the one that get pregnant for you. I won’t advice abortion, it is never an option left to me, it is something you have to decide on your own what you want to do with them.
      The one you impregnated is here to stay and she can do anything to keep her place, the other girl will have to go except you want to marry both of them which is not possible.

      Another option for you now is if you’re ready to accept the child and let the mother knows that you’re not going to get married to her because you already have someone else to get married to (it is a very difficult situation, but you may be the one to find way around it, depending on how you understand both of them), if you can accept that option from you, you can make it known to the one you claim you really love. And again it also depend on her acceptance as well.
      As I don’t advice abortion, you should be preparing to be a single father and ready to move on with your life and your beloved girlfriend

  4. i have a problem…….i have girlfriend…i love her very much and she also love me very much……but she often teases me by different methods,,,is there any solution to this problem……..

  5. Awarga Francis

    i have a girlfriend and since i was with her don’t no the problem that she started, she just start that am not calling her again she is tired of me , that means she wont to get another boyfriend .

  6. i ve a girlfriend if i call her,she dnt always pick my calls.and i ve complained about it time wothout number.and quorrelled on it.still no changes.what can i do?

    1. You need to let her know how important it is for you to hear and if she doeesn’t change, it mean, she’s having it good with another guy somewhere unknown to you.

  7. I have a girl really in love with me but she as a boyfriend and she is not ready to leave the guy and at the same time she is not ready to let go of me and she dose’nt want me to have a girlfriend of my own….what can i do to that kind of girl??

  8. Clifford tubolayeofori

    there is this girl I love so so much ,she tells me she loves me but she still come around me we do all things I want to have her alone how do I go about it plzzzzzzz I need help

  9. Good morning i have this girlfrnd immediately she gain admission into the university her attitude has changed she does nt respond as she use to do before and i luv this gal so much pls wat can i do

    1. It’s common for most people to change once they gain admission into University.

      It’s a different environment entirely and there are lots of things going on there.

      It’s somewhat difficult to keep dating a girl in a university why you’re still outside the University.
      There will be lots of suitors over there and that makes it easy for her to start ignoring you.
      You need to call her attention to it and find out from her, if she’s no more interested in the relationship.
      You’ll be suprise with the answer you will get from her.

  10. for the past one year now,I remained single when my former girl broke my heart.. recently i met the girl i’m dating now,she is selling recharge cards in front of my house though she is graduate. as time goes on whenever this girl see me she use to call my name many times,i later propose to her last month after three days she granted my request. since then I had sent her many messages telling her that I loves her so much and I really loves the girl sincerely. but the problem is that this girl ve never says she loves me whenever’s I told her that I loves her. pls what should I do?

    1. Ask her why she has never said she loves you.
      She will have a reason why, she’s holding on to herself.

      It’s probably she wants to be sure, the love your promise is real,
      so, keep it real with her.

  11. thank u Antony,
    this girl and i met online and we va been dating now for 2year+,we never met because of the distance but we ve set a date to me this December. the problems now is,she’s keeping some secret from me.she doesn’t want me to know her next move.
    though she love me and i can feel that.and she doesn’t no how to say i love u too when i say i love her.she know that i love her and we re been planning of marriage.i never felt for any lady in this way,she’s like HEAVE SENT,but those thing that i needed to hear from her she don’t use to say it.she dont no how to ask for something but if i sent something to her account she can appreciate it,but she doesn’t no how to say sorry/am sorry…..

    pls what can i do,if i marry her is there any possibility that she will change

  12. gift peter udo

    please my name is gift i broke up with my ex because he was cheating on me but one thing i like him is that he’s generous, he always give me whatever i demanded from him, one thing i hate from him is that he abuses me a lot, he’s a slough when it come to verbal wefare, so 7month later after the relationship crash i can’t forget him, he’s still on my mind, i can’t think, i can’t concentrate, he’s running through my mind. and they funnest thing is that i still love him, please tell me what to do.

  13. Emmanuel kangombe

    Guys help me, their is a girl who i love and i new that she loves me too but she dont look seriously with me.what do i support to do?

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