5 Important Things Couples must do before they Walk down the Aisle

If you’re counting down the days or months that are left for you to walk down the aisle, I can just imagine how you feel. Excited? Elated? Or you even feel like shouting from the roof top. I do understand the emotions you must be feeling. But before you eventually walk down the aisle with that person you love, there are certain things you should have done which are quite important.

Before you walk down the aisle:

Go for a blood test:

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In as much as you trust your partner, it should go beyond looks. Compatibility in marriage should be all round and as such, appropriate blood tests need to be done to ensure all is well. It is better to avoid regrets later in life by doing what is needed early enough. When you also think about the adverse effects it could have on your children, then you would do what is right. Having the right blood group and type together with that your partner is very important for the sustainability of your marriage.

Go for counselling:

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There’s more to marriage than just love and attraction. Marriage is a journey and as such couples need to be prepared for it. Counselling helps intending couples and better prepares their mindsets for what is to come. Counselling is essential because it allows couples ask questions that are relevant to them. Most churches conduct counselling classes for intending couples so ensure you engage in it.

Find out if you’re both compatible:

Being compatible is key in any relationship. Its true that everyone is different and no two persons are the same but there should be some similarities between the two of you. There would definitely be differences but I believe you should both have a common ground on most issues. If you cannot support each other and make up for the others differences, then do you think he or she is a match for you?

Meet the in laws:

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In this part of the world, it is hard to hear that couples just conducted a wedding all by themselves. If you are ready to walk down the aisle then you should have met your in laws and familiarised yourself with them.

Talk about your goals:

Every mission in life must be goal oriented and I believe a wedding is a mission while the marriage itself should be the goal. But to achieve that goal, there are certain questions you must ask yourself such as: what plans do you both have for the marriage to succeed? How long do you both plan on staying with each other? What would you like to achieve by this union? Do you see a future in the marriage? If you’re not short sighted, you should have goals for your marriage.

All of these are things you should do before you walk down the aisle.

Have you pondered on the tips above? Share your views with us…

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2 thoughts on “5 Important Things Couples must do before they Walk down the Aisle”

  1. happiness eva

    My boyfriend refuse to go to do the blood test and he knows my status. What must I do in situation like this

    1. You have to be serious with it, what’s he hiding, that he refuses to go for blood test.

      It’s a dangerous thing to not know your partner blood group. Let him know how important it is to go for blood test, you have to convince him more about. But if he still refuses, then, he might be hiding something from you.
      Let him that his refusal is putting strain into the relationship you’re having with him and it can lead ending the relationship.

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