NYSC POP Batch A 2012/2013 Passing Out Parade

For Information on NYSC Batch A 2013 POP date please CLICK HERE

Update! The Confirm date is here as we Promise is 14th February 2013 but no more 5ht February, 2012. For the detailed Programme for the Passing Out Parade, please click this link; Confirm date and activities for 2012/2013 Batch A POP  . If you’re Looking for  Batch B 2012/2013 POP date Click Here

NYSC POP Batch A 2012/2013; National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) with headquarters in Abuja and all over 36 States in the Federation has been making serious effort in trying to permanently fix the date for each batch of the orientation programme to take place.

NYSC POP Batch A 2012 2013Presently the date for the passing our parade for 2012/2013 has been temporarily fixed for 5th of February 2013 but it is still waiting for final approval which seems to be beyond the power of every of the official out there or perhaps they don’t really want to let the cat out of the bag so that no evil will happen on that day to any of the corp members passing out and even the officials.

But tentatively the date is 5th February 2013 from a reliable source, I’m aware of the fact that NYSC changes date like cloth but one thing is certain the NYSC POP Batch A 2012/2013 cannot go beyond February. It is even possible for them to announce it for the ending of January.

Our ear is still on ground for any latest development about this final date of the NYSC POP Batch A 2012/2013. So, stay tune, we will definitely announced the final day for the NYSC POP Batch A 2012/2013.

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  1. Etta-Abang shedrack

    Pls federal gov should scrap the scheme and pay all corps members their entitlement begging from the kit to the last

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