The Number One Mistake You Should Never Make In Any Relationship

The Number One Mistake You Should Never Make In Any Relationship

This especially applies to the young boys and girls who are into some kind of romantic relationship.

It’s a good thing to be in relationship, but hey, don’t ever commit this particular mistake with any girl or boy who love you or claim to love you.

What exactly is the mistake I’m talking about?The Number One Mistake You Should Never Make In Any Relationship

I’ll let you know in just a minute from now.

…but before then.

I have been getting lots of comment about this particular issue long time ago, and I promise to address it through my article, so that everyone can read and knows what’s require of them, in any kind of relationship with the opposite sex.

I must be honest with you, I’m almost felt into committing the same mistake I want you to know about, when I first started dating woman.

Love or will I call it infatuation then, is very powerful and it can make you do the unimaginable things.

…don’t ever make any kind of covenant with any man or woman when you’re getting started in a relationship.

The Number One Mistake You Should Never Make In Any RelationshipI just spill the bean out up there.

That’s just the number one mistake you should never commit in any relationship, whatever the other person says about making covenant, just tell him or her that, you’re not making such promise.

The person you meet today, especially for a new relationship is mostly likely not to be the person you’re to get married to.

Covenant is a very serious stuff, and you should not get yourself entangle in it.

As I said above, relationship is very sweet and it might not let you think of other things, when you’re just getting into it.

Your mind will always be there and you might want to do everything possible, to ensure the relationship continues.

This is what pushes many young guys and ladies into making promises (covenant).

I’m sure you know the type of covenant I’m talking about.

In case you’re not very sure of what it is all about.

I’m talking about blood covenant, using Holy books to swear and the rest of them.

Don’t even think about it.

If he or she is going to be yours, definitely your relationship will lead to marriage but if not, you’re going to end up losing each other and also facing the consequences of the covenant.

You’re hereby warned!

Don’t ever go that route, never.

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