You Need C.A. R.E For A Successful Relationship

You Need C.A. R.E For A Successful Relationship

Relationship is an action word which mean it must be active, it is never a noun, pronoun, adjective or adverb but it is a verb and everyone known that verb is an action word. Being in relationship will then require you to be active if you want to have a successful one, if your relationship lack action you won’t enjoy it and you will in most time be push here and there because you’re just being passive, so, it is easy to toss you around and you can never enjoy such relationship.

The action words you will need in your relationship are what I term CARE in an acronym. You need CARE every time as your relationship proceeds from one stage to another.

You Need C.A. R.E For A Successful RelationshipWhat then does the word C.A.R.E stand for?

C.A.R.E is an acronym which stands for

C – Consideration for your relationship

A – Attention to your relationship wellness

R – Responsibility

E – Expression of your love, compassion and kindness.

When these for letter words CARE is present in your relationship, you can almost guarantee, you’re going to have a successful relationship.

Being Considerate

In every relationship, whether it is personal, official or romantic, if you lack consideration, you will find it difficult to form a solid relationship with anyone. Being considerate is when you’re not always holding on to your own ideas all the time and giving others an opportunity to express their own feeling. Not that your view might not be superior to every other person around you, but on a day when you need someone else idea or view as per how you can move forward in a certain situation, no one will really want to be of assistance, after all, they are aware that you don’t always take people’s opinion.

So for your relationship to be successful, you need consideration, let your partner be part and parcel of how your relationship is going to be moving forwards, if though you may think you have a better idea.

Attention to health and wellness of your relationship

Yes, another very important area you need to pay attention to is your relationship wellness, it really deserve serious attention. Health is wealth, which can be translated in this context as a healthy relationship is a successful (wealthy) relationship.  So don’t compromise the wellness of your relationship for anything, it is one of the pillar of every relationship success.


Do you blame others for everything that has happened in your life or do you consider other peoples position are what is affecting the way you live your life? Taking responsibility for your own action, is one of the greater assess any one can possess if the person really want to be successful in everything in life. It is when you’re responsible, that you can be able to take up challenges and ensure you win the battle.

In your relationship too, you can’t do away with or dodge your responsibility, it is never going to work if you want your relationship to be successful. Don’t play any kind of blame game with your partner, it is never going to let you enjoy your relationship which also mean, it is never going to be successive if you continue to shield yourself away from being responsible for how your relationship is going.

Expression of kindness, love and compassion

Fortunately everyone wants to be loved and care for, but not everyone knows how to express love, kindness and compassion. Expressing love and compassion is not difficult; although I understand that the way people are brought up sometimes do have an effect on how people express love and kindness. Most people that come from a broken home or that are raised by either of the parent even when the other parent is alive don’t always have the opportunity to really experience the unity, care and love of a family where the mother and father are living together in the same house.

This does not mean such people can’t express love and kindness but it will take them extra effort compare to most people that are raised when there’s togetherness in the family. So, everyone needs to know how to express kindness, love and compassion, and when you as an individual can express your love and kindness, you will able to enjoy your relationship.

Don’t forget, to be successful in your relationship, you need to be compassionate, pay attention to your relationship health and wellness, be responsible and learn to express love, kindness and compassion (C.A.R.E)

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