How Husbands can handle Pregnancy Phobia

Pregnancy is one stage in the life of a woman that sometimes scares not just the woman but the man as well. Experience varies from woman to woman and I will also say from man to man. Funny isn’t it? But men do have their own fair share of phobia when it comes to issues relating to pregnancy. The way a child is conceived and the way the same child is finally delivered is a wonder if even science can prove it and I believe this alone is enough to scare any man or don’t you think so? It will amaze you to know that some men give their mothers the responsibility of taking care of their wives during pregnancy just because of that phobia. So, if you are a man out there who gets scared whenever his wife is pregnant or if you going to be a father for the first time, this article has been written solely for you. Also if you a woman out there who is ready to help her husband get rid or manage that pregnancy phobia, then the tips in this article should be of great help to him.

How Husbands can handle Pregnancy Phobia

Envision the end result:

How Husbands can handle Pregnancy Phobia (4)

For a first time father who has this phobia, try letting go of that fear and try to imagine when your child would be born. Think about the fact that you would soon be a father; holding your child in your arms. That thought alone should drive any fear you have. After all, pregnancy is just for nine months and not for a life time so do away with that phobia until its time for your child to be born.

Support your wife:

How Husbands can handle Pregnancy Phobia

If you the man can be scared, how do you want your wife to cope for the whole nine months? As a man, you are to support your wife all the way from the beginning of that pregnancy till the end. Supporting her gives her strength and makes her realise that she is not in this alone. Imagine carrying a child for nine months, imagine going through bouts of morning sickness accompanied with other ailments and also imagine going through very serious pain during child birth. When you think about all this, you shouldn’t bother about your own fears but consider that of your wife. This is the time she needs you most because there will be times when she will be tired and in pains; you’ll have to comfort her and be there for her.

Put yourself in her shoes:

Have you wondered how your wife really feels when pregnant which she may not voice out? Imagine wondering if child birth would be normal or be through caesarian section. Can you imagine the pains both methods bring or cause the body? Maybe putting yourself in her shoes would help ease your fears. Rather than being scared, you should encourage her and be proud that she’ll soon become a mother.

Read books:

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Sometimes reading does help. There are lots of books on pregnancy and motherhood that can help shed more light on the phase you and your wife are passing through. Trying to understand how she feels at every stage can help ease your fears. There are certain times you may not understand how your wife feels; in times like that you might find solace in getting some information from those books. They are normally very detailed and give you a step to step guide on what to expect from your wife during pregnancy.

Consult a doctor:

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To know how husbands can handle pregnancy phobia, let them speak to a doctor. If you feel reading books would not help you then seek the help of a doctor. You might just feel relieved afterwards. Rather than bottling your fears, talk about them.

Pregnancy is a thing of joy as there are still so many women out there who are hopeful to become pregnant someday. It is absolutely normal to be afraid when your wife is pregnant as you do not know what to expect other than for the best. But do not be alarmed as the few tips in this article should show how husbands can handle pregnancy phobia.

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