Life Before Marriage and After Marriage

Life Before Marriage and After Marriage

A New Avatar. Freelance Birdy to Multitasker. Pre Marriage to Post Marriage changing lifestyle, Patterns, ways, targets everything from “then” to “Now” look like two different people in almost cases, except some trademarks that has remained. Both life before marriage and life after marriage has heaps of advantages and disadvantages it depends on your attitude towards your life. A great thought “If you get a good life, you’ll be happy, if it turns into bad experience, you’ll become a philospher.” So by all means experience both life before marriage and after marriage. Lets discuss and find out ways that experience the Change in life before marriage and after marriageLife Before Marriage and After Marriage

Objective and Preferences 

Before marriage our preferences are studies, college, parents etc. no duties, no liabilities a free mind.  But after being committed to someone preferences change after marriage your husband, kids, home this are hard core duties with no fail you have to do honestly. You have to work according to your priorities. So both objective and preferences change after marriage.

New Source of Strength

After marriage you suppose to get one more family, new members and most specially the one you get married with, your spouse. So your strength doubles while struggling between families and life. Marriage gives you new source of strength, belongingness, of being and taking care of each and every part of your’s as well as your’s spouse family. This new source of strength that comes from marriage teaches you to face life more promotionally.

More reassurance

Life before marriage does not bound any responsibility. You are cheery and relaxed person. But not the case after marriage, with the increase in responsibility, you have to keep in mind everyone in the family. From traditional, physical to mental, from ways of living to ways of thinking everything changes with responsibility but with all these, positivity is after marriage you get more reassurance.

Needs & target Changes

Before marriage all your needs, demands and targets are generally related to you or your studies, friends but after marriage with the increase in sense of responsibility your every decision, goal and target should be based on not me or myself but it is taken in consideration, keeping all your family members. Sometimes you might not be able to take decision of your own its somebody else or your spouse you have to follow-up.

Maturity level Changes

Before marriage there is no case of second thought you can move, communicate or speak without thinking confidently. After Marriage, the way we think, speak and communicate everything changes. We have to think twice before uttering anything from mouth. You have to take decisions maturely keeping everyone on mind.

Patience, Forgiveness & Tolerance Changes

Before marriage you hardly care about anyone what to speak and how to be patient you just burst out. But after marriage you have to change the way you reach and react to people or things. You have to be more calm and patience whatever may be the situation. Forgiveness level increases to great extent and tolerance needs to be cultivated. Maturity level increase from forgive and forget.

Life changes whether you accept it or not. So Enjoy your freedom before marriage and prepare yourself mentally to use this freedom maturely after marriage to make a happy successful marriage life.

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