The Five Types of Mr Rights

The Five Types of Mr Rights

Which of these five guys are you dating? Just where does your guy fit in?

In every lady’s life, there will comes a time when she will be looking for her Mr. Right, to some, it may take a long time and to some lucky ladies, it may comes earlier than expected. In this article copied from, five types Mr. Right have been identified and so, it is good those who are still looking for their Mr Right to thoroughly read through this article so that they wouldn’t fall in the wrong hand of Mr. Right that is never for them. Here are the 5 types of Mr rights
1. Mr. Right for Nobody
In every girl’s life there is that one guy who really messes you up. He fills you with so much passion you think you may explode. You can’t get him off of your mind. You want to see him all the time. You want to be with him all the time. You want to know where he is at all times. If you could become one with him, you would. Problem is… you’re not the only girl that feels that way for him and more often than not, you and these other girls are in direct competition with one another. Enter the player. He is smooth, he is attractive and he knows exactly what to say to get girls to do exactly what he wants. All too often girls mistake this guy for Mr. Right. He just brings on that kind of instant attachment in the girls that he meets. When girls talk about this guy they often start out with some variation of, “I knew he was bad for me, but I just couldn’t help myself!” This is the guy who gives life to your inner stalker. He makes you act crazy, in a bad way, and in ways you never thought possible. You check his text messages when he’s not looking, you hack in to his voicemail at least five times a day, you know his daily routine by heart and you can read his hotmail whenever you want because you paid a computer nerd in your class to get his password and to alert you whenever he changes it. You act like a possessive freak when this guy is in your life because you know in your heart of hearts that he can’t be trusted. Yet, you want him. You want to change him. You want to be that one girl that makes him tame his wild ways and settle down. Wake up! It won’t happen. This guy does a great Mr. Right imitation but his wandering soul means that he’ll never really be right for anybody. He’s all about stroking his own ego and girls are just a means to this end. This guy can’t be trusted with your heart, he can’t even be trusted with your best friend, and you need to get out before it is too late. The problem with a Mr. Right for Nobody is that too many girls give in to the passion, it becomes an addiction, and they keep the guy in their life no matter how much he proves his unworthiness. These girls end up self-destructing while Mr. Right for Nobody checks out that cute chick walking down the street. Think it won’t happen to you because you’re too smart, too pretty, too together or too popular? Then you need a reality check. Case in point, Britney Spears and K-Fed… Enough said!
2. Mr. Right for Somebody Else
This is the guy who is perfect on paper but just doesn’t float your boat. He could be an ex, a good friend, a mere acquaintance or a fizzled first date, but however you know him, you know without doubt that he’s not right for you. Yet, there is a real possibility that he could be right for one of your friends… Wait! If this guy is so great why would you just give him away? Look closer, couldn’t he be your Mr. Right or your Mr. Right Someday? At the very least, maybe he could be a Mr. Right Now? Nope. Sorry. The reason you can’t make Mr. Right for Somebody Else right for you is simple; there is no attraction between you. With Mr. Right Now there is at least an attraction and with Mr. Right Someday and Mr. Rightattraction is a given, but Mr. Right for Somebody Else just does nothing for you. This is why you can’t make him anything else no matter how much you may want to. He may be dashing, intelligent, well educated, well groomed with a very promising career and money in the bank and if there is no attraction between you, or if he wants you and you don’t want him, you have to cut him loose. You must throw him back in the sea for another girl to catch. It is the only right thing to do. After all, how would you like it if some other girl held on to your Mr. Right when she knew they had no spark just because he is so great in all other respects? Right! You wouldn’t like it. So as much as it may pain you to throw back a perfectly good guy just because there is no chemistry know that it is your only choice. You can’t force true love and if you try to make it happen with this guy you’ll just end up cheating yourself, and some other girl, out of ever finding it for real. Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea and as long as girls keep dutifully throwing back the Mr. Right for Somebody Elses that they meet eventually you’ll make your catch!
3. Mr. Right Someday
It is a cruel fact of life that timing counts. You could meet your Mr. Right three days before you leave for a year in the Peace Corps in which case it’s just not going to happen. Or it could be him who is leaving for an indefinite amount of time, in which case again, it is not going to happen. You share passion with this guy. You think he could be something real and special. He stimulates your mind, he excites you in all the ways that matter (and in a few you didn’t know existed) and he just seems to get you. He is great. He is kind. He is adorable. You think he may be your soul mate. The only problem is you can’t know for sure because time is not on your side. Or maybe it isn’t something as concrete as physical separation that is keeping you from falling head over heels for this guy. Maybe you just got out of a relationship, or he did, and emotional readiness is a factor. Maybe you want to focus on other things like school, or building a career, and you know in your heart of hearts that this guy will end up monopolizing a lot of your time and therefore getting in the way. Basically, the only difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Someday is timing. Think of it as meeting Mr. Right at the totally wrong time. It happens and all the clichés about true love conquering all and people making time for each other if they really want one another can’t change this cold hard fact. Timing counts. In some ways it counts for everything. When it comes to the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Someday it is the only thing that counts. So rather than fret and stew over this cruel twist of life just tell yourself this one thing… it can still happen between the two of you, just not right now. Nothing is ever certain in love and in life. So hold on to the idea that one day the timing may be right for the two of you and get down to the business of happily living your life in the mean time. To quote a cliché with some real teeth, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow’s a mystery and today is a gift.” Live in the moment with this guy and have faith that the future will take care of itself.
4. Mr. Right Now
He fits perfectly in to your life right now but whether or not he’ll work in the future is up in the air. This is the guy who is a great steady Saturday night date, who never really asks much of you and yet is always there for you and whom you’re pretty sure you’ll break up with when you; a)go away to college, b)start your first real job, c)move out of your parents place and get your own first apartment, d)find somebody more exciting or e)all of the above. While you enjoy his company you just can’t shake the feeling that there is somebody else out there more suited to you. This guy just doesn’t make your heart race when you see him. He doesn’t excite you in the way you think a true love should and that is not good. Yet he is good to you, he does help you fill empty time, and you genuinely care for him. Frankly, this guy is a good friend whom you also date and the danger in letting this type of relationship go on too long is that you really do risk losing a friend. So is it possible for Mr. Right Now to morph in to Mr. Right? Absolutely! But you need to want it to happen. You need to stop wondering about the guys you’re missing out on by being with him. You need to start envisioning him in new ways; a) as part of your life when you go away to college, b) as your steady lunch date when you start that first big job, c) as the person with the spare keys to your first apartment, d)as the most exciting guy you’ve ever known, and e) as all of the above. The beautiful thing about Mr. Right Now is that he often already thinks he is your Mr. Right so the only person making an adjustment will be you. If you think it’s an adjustment worth making then go for it, this is one guy who won’t ever let you down.
5. Mr. Right for Real
He makes you swoon. He makes you laugh. He makes you feel safe and cared for. He is always, without exception, good to you… even when he is mad at you. And most importantly, you trust him 100% because he truly deserves it. This is Mr. Right. There is a passion between you that can’t be explained away as lust. You are friends but there is more, there’s this excitement that you just don’t have with every guy you know and that you haven’t had with the other guys you’ve dated. He is kind to you but he doesn’t let you walk all over him. He thinks of your needs along side his own and views them as being equally important. He only makes a compromise, or asks you to make one, when it is totally necessary, and strangely enough things rarely get to that point because you already so often see eye-to-eye. The three key ingredients in Mr. Right, the things that distinguish him from a really close Mr. Right Now, are simple: passion, trust and respect. There is a genuine respect in the way you treat each other and this is obvious to everybody who sees the two of you together. When you’ve found your Mr. Right not only will you know it but everybody who is close to you, the other people in your life who love you, they will know it too. And they’ll tell you. It is very easy for you to confuse any of the other Mr.’s we’ve listed above as your Mr. Right if you want to badly enough. We often see the biggest jerks through rose-colored lenses when we desperately want to be in love (hello again, Britney). But the other people in our lives are not as easily fooled. They see how a guy really treats you, if he really respects you, and if his love for you as professed is true or nothing but a smokescreen. If you feel a guy is Mr. Right you could be mistaken but if you think he’s the one and the people closest to you agree then… well, he’s a keeper! With a little skill and a lot of luck we’ll all make this catch some day!
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