6 Ways To Know You Are In a Deceptive Relationship

Bisi didn’t know that his relationship had been a lie for many years; he was head deep in love with his girlfriend but little did he know that he was just her handbag.

She secretly had another boyfriend whom she was serious with which Bisi didn’t know about and the day he eventually found out; it was as if the earth should open up and swallow him.

Do you think you are like Bisi and feel you have wasted your time in that relationship? This case study is very rampant in relationships today and only very few are able to detect it early enough in order to escape it.

A lot of people find themselves in relationships that are deceptive and quickly get out of it while some find it difficult doing so because they are already so neck deep in that relationship.

How do you know you are in a deceptive relationship? Are there usually signs that show one that their relationship is deceptive? Absolutely!

When your partner is not open with you:

If you are in a deceptive relationship, your partner will not share a lot of things with you. He or she will only tell you what he or she feels you should know which should not be so.

There should be no secrets held in a genuine relationship and both of you should be so free to reveal anything to the other person. That is what true love is.

When you do not know what your partner is up to:

6 Ways To Know You Are In a Deceptive Relationship

Imagine this phone conversation:

Lady: Hi boo, where are you?

Guy: I just went to get something

Lady: Where is that?

Guy: Don’t worry about it

I mean, what is the big deal in saying exactly where you are? Why is he being so elusive?

So many guys and even ladies who do not take their relationships serious do this which shows they have a lot to hide from their partners.

When your partner lies a lot:

If you are in a deceptive relationship, you will find your partner telling lies a lot. If you have studied your partner well enough, you should be able to tell when you are being lied to.

A liar will always be a liar and it is not hard to know one who lies.

Why should your partner keep lying to you constantly about things? It certainly indicates that your relationship is a deceptive one because if you have nothing to hide, you will not tell lies.

When there is flirtation:

6 Ways To Know You Are In a Deceptive Relationship

Anybody who is serious about his or her relationship will remain faithful but if your partner keeps flirting with other people with or without your knowledge then you are in a deceptive relationship.

If he or she respects you then flirting should not be done but if there is no respect in that relationship, anything goes.

When there are rumours:

The moment you start hearing some certain things about your relationship from outsiders then you are probably in a deceptive relationship.

Once rumours start flying about your partner then he or she cannot be trusted again. You might choose to neglect what you hear but there is normally an element of truth in such stories.

When money matters a lot:

Sometimes to know if you are loved genuinely or deceitfully, find out how much importance your partner places on money.

Is he or she’s countenance only moved by the presence of money? Are they happy with you if there is no money? Does your happiness depend on being able to meet the financial demands of your partner?

These questions need to be answered to know if you are in a deceptive relationship or not.

If you think you are in a deceptive relationship, have you ever noticed any of these signs?

If yes then no amount of love should be able to blind your eyes from knowing this. The earlier you know, the better for you.

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