A Key Factor That Determine Good Relationship

A Key Factor That Determine Good Relationship

You can always find plenty of advice out there on how to make your relationship work, these ideas can be from several online relationship website or magazine, and it can also be from off-line, friends, family and several other well researched books.

In most cases, something is being omitted; one of the most important key factors that will help your relationship is often being overlooked. When we are talking about ideal romantic relationship and or marriage, the key factor right now is not about your spouse or your potential partner.

A Key Factor That Determine Good RelationshipIn relationship or marriage, we sometimes forget how important it is for us to be the right person in our marriage or relationship. When you make all the necessary effort to be the right person in your relationship, you tend to benefit more from it.

For you to be the right person in your relationship, there are several characters or virtue that you need to have and these characters will help you to be the best anyone can be for an ideal romantic relationship.

I will only list four out of these characters that you need to have in your life which will greatly help you to nurture your relationship and actually be the right person.

Your ability to forgive

In every relationship or marriage, there’s bound to be disagreement on one thing or the other, you’re going to hurt your partner or your partner is going to hurt. But your ability to understand that you’re both human, who cannot completely live together with another human without any flaw, is going to help your life. Since you’re able to have this understanding, forgiveness should not be far away from your life. Learn to forgive your partner with a true forgiveness and don’t hold your partner’s action against again him or her.

Not being selfish

Another character that will help your relationship is helping to meet your partner’s need. The natural tendency is always to meet our needs first before others, but in marriage or relationship, when you consider your partner’s need along with yours without being selfish, your relationship will grow from strength to strength.

Your humble self

Humility foster oneness in marriage but self-centeredness will always create division in your marriage and relationship. Let go of your ego and learn to be humble, when you’re humble, you’ll be able to accept your fault and take responsibility instead of looking up to your partner’s weakness or mistake as an escape route to run away from weakness.


Our focus sometimes when we are talking about love is on the emotional aspect of love, but if we want to have a good relationship and marriage, we need to go beyond the emotional form of love. We need to take love a virtue and this can be accomplished through our actions rather than our feelings.

Sure, there are several other character that are helpful in being the right person, but these four will serve as the strong beginning for everyone, that desire to be the right person in his or her relationship and marriage and live a meaningful life with his or her partner.

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