The Three Phases of Romantic Relationship You Need to Pass Through

The Three Phases of Romantic Relationship You Need to Pass Through

It is the desire of anyone out there to have a successful healthy romantic relationship, but often time, people don’t understand how this can be achieved. If you need to really know more on the pathways to successful romantic relationship, you’ll need to get to amazon here and get it, it is very interesting to read as I present it in a way that will help anyone who can lay his or her hand on it to fully understand the road to successful romantic relationship.

The Three Phases of Romantic Relationship So the three phases you’ll need for your romantic relationship without jumping any of them are; first, the attraction phase, which is follow by the bonding in friendship and the last phase, is real commitment.

Having said that, let me lead you into few details about these phase of romantic relationship and let you see how you’d move from one phase to the other without jumping from the first to the last or from the second to first and to the third phase.

The attraction phase of romantic relationship

Before anything else between you and the opposite sex, there must be attraction, it will always come first before any romantic connection. Often times, it is not always physical but something that trigger your emotion once you see the person, or hear him/her and even a thought about the person.

If you don’t feel attraction for any opposite gender, you can’t develop that strange feeling that’ll look as if you have a butterfly in your stomach. Attraction is so much important because, it initiate the possibility of having a relationship with whoever you’re fascinated with.

If you’re not feeling any attraction for any person, it is better you let him or her go and look for the one you’re really attracted to. It may not come easily sometimes, but when it eventually comes, it shows the possibility of having a romantic relationship with the person. [Read; What next to do once you’ve attracted her]

The second phase is bonging in friendship 

Once the attraction has been established then you’ll be able to proceed to the bonding in friendship. Yes, you’ll be able to become her girlfriend or his boyfriend with more exciting feelings that create a better stronger kind of bonding. [Read; 8 key to successful romantic relationship]

Because there has been attraction in the first place, that makes it easier to begin to trust each other and share things which ordinarily, you won’t want to share with just any friend. It is in this same friendship that you’ll understand each other well and think of moving thing forward because, you’d have been able to see how compatible your friend could be if both of you really get into the romantic relationship.

At this point, if everything works well as both of you want it; there will be transition into the commitment phase, which is the third phase of romantic relationship.

The commitment

The final phase of the romantic relationship which according to the way Wikipedia put it; [sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style04″] A committed relationship is an interpersonal relationship based upon a mutually agreed-upon commitment to one another involving exclusivity, honesty, openness, or some other agreed-upon behaviour. [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

As you can see the definition above about committed relationship which is the same thing as the commitment I’m referring to here. At this phase, it is for things to work our as planned and both of you will ensure everything goes smoothly (though there may be some little disagreement here and there) and you’re able to proceed into marriage where you both enter into another stage in life.

You see, when a woman tells you, she’s “committed” relationship wise, she has believe in her partner for a long term successful relationship full of honesty and lot of intimacy.

That is the three phases of romantic relationship you need to pass through, if you desire a long lasting romantic relationship.

So, what phase are you right now? And if you have any contribution, please feel free to make use of the comment box below to let us hear from you with your experience. It is always good to share experience, which will help others that are coming behind.

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