Relationship Text Messages of All Time for Lovers

Relationship Text Messages of All Time for Lovers

It is true that you cannot underestimate the power of what relationship text messages can do in your love and relationship life. In many occasion, you may want to reach out to your lover but the kind of place where you are at that time will not give you room to call him or her and the only option for you is to send him or her relationship text messages that will ginger your partner’s up and remind him or her of how you treasure your relationship with him or her with all these sweet love text messages.

These are selected relationship text messages you can use at all time, check them out below.

  • In my dreams you gave me your heart. In my dreams we were never apart. In my dreams you kept me close. In my dreams you loved me the most. In my dreams we’re always together… might as well be dreaming forever…
  • Hearts are easily torn but can also be sewn together by someone who cares. Though the scars won’t fade, the stitches will always be there to remind you that someone loves you enough to keep you whole again.
  • Can I keep you and never let you go? Can I hold your hand and hug you tight? Can I tell the world how lucky I am to have you in my life? Or simply, can you be my friend for the rest of my life?
  • When you find faults from someone you love, hold on, don’t judge nor doubt but trust and understand that someone is doing best to love you more. Remember, love has nothing to explain.
  • I’ll lend you my shoulder for you to cry on, my ears to listen to, my hand for you to hold, my feet to walk with you, but I can’t lend you my heart coz it already belongs to you.
  • Falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world… Finding you is the first!
  • How would you know if he really loves you? It’s when you scream, he’s calm. When you slap him, he kisses you. When you cry, he hugs you. When you tell him you hate him, he tells you he loves you!
  • There are tulips in my garden, there are tulips in the park, but nothing is more beautiful than our two lips meeting in the dark!
  • People seldom say ‘I love you’ and when they do, it’s either too late or the love is gone. But when I say ‘I love you’ it doesn’t mean you have to stay, but I wish you’d never go away.
  • The best part of loving is not wishing that the person loves you as much as you do, but in the feeling that you love the person for more than you thought you could.
  • To love someone is supposed to be the most wonderful feeling. It should inspire you and give you joy and strength, but sometimes the things that give you joy can also hurt you in the end.
  • It is really painful to say goodbye to someone you don’t want to let go, but it is even more painful to ask the person to stay even if you can never make it work out the way it should be.
  • Saying goodbye makes you realize how much you love, how much you will miss and how much loss you had… knowing that the person will never be yours at all.
  • If you feel love in your heart, you are blessed by God, and if you share with others the love you have in your heart, you become a blessing from God. Good morning!
  • Let go of the hand of the person you love, but don’t let go of God’s hand for when you hold His hand, He might be holding the person you love on His other hand to let you hold each other in time.
  • True love covers the eyes to see no wrong. True love darkens reason to consider every situation. True love loves more when it hurts much. True love is still true even to the point of letting go.
  • In our life, there will come a time in where we will hate it because of the things that hurt
  • From the moment I saw you, I wanted to be inside you, I love your smell, the way your tongue feels, the way you tighten and loosen, mmmmmmm… new shoes!!!
  • I love the way it rubs against the soft pink flesh creating a creamy foamy liquid, as it thrust in and out, up and down, can’t wait till next time. I love my toothbrush!
  • What’s the closest thing to a woman’s period? Your salary! It comes once a month, lasts about 3 or 4 days and if it doesn’t come, everyone’s in trouble!
  • Love is like a bowl of oatmeal; warm, mushy and good for you. Lust is like soup, it is only good when it is hot.

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