Ideas on Wedding Gift Souvenirs for your Guests

Are you wondering how to get ideas on wedding gift souvenirs for your wedding or you’re not interested in that?

How would you feel if after planning your wedding, nobody shows up at the venue? One of the things that make a wedding ceremony worthwhile is the presence of people at your event.

At wedding ceremonies, you normally have a lot of people in attendance such as family members, friends, well wishers, passersby, onlookers etc.

Most of them would normally have a connection with you but even if there’s no direct connection, they are still there to grace your occasion, right?

Guests at your wedding have taken out time to be there for you so how else do you think you can appreciate them for their presence?

I believe one way is by giving them wedding gift souvenirs which should serve as a reminder that they were at your wedding.

This article will list out those wonderful ideas on wedding gift souvenirs you can present your guests at your wedding.

First think about it:

Now, put yourself in the shoes of your guests; as an invited guest what wedding gift souvenirs would you appreciate more?

If you can answer this question, it shouldn’t be so hard for you to make a list of wedding gift souvenirs for your guests.

Some ideas are:


Ideas on Wedding Gift Souvenirs for your Guests

Giving this out as one of your wedding gift souvenirs is not a bad idea. There are different sizes of umbrellas so you can give out the small pocket sized umbrellas which can fit into any bag.

You can equally give out the big sizes of umbrellas.

Umbrellas are ideal for this season since it now rains a lot and I am so sure your guests would love to have them.


Ideas on Wedding Gift Souvenirs for your Guests (2)

Do you know that you can get really nice medium sized trays as wedding gift souvenirs?

Trays come in handy and I would say that every home needs them. They cannot go to waste because they are used every day while dishing out food at home or in restaurants.

Hand fans:

Ideas on Wedding Gift Souvenirs for your Guests (3)

I am very sure this wedding gift souvenir would be better appreciated by ladies. Hand fans are portable to carry around and ease one when the weather is a bit hot.


Napkins as wedding gift souvenirs are also a cool gift to give your guests. Napkins are used regularly and would definitely be useful to every home.

Napkins come in various sizes and colours so you can choose to offer guests a variety as a take home gift.

Fruit bowls:

Ideas on Wedding Gift Souvenirs for your Guests (4)

Fruit bowls are normally found on centre tables in the home. Aside the fact that fruits are kept in them, they also help to beautify your dining table. They come in various colours.

Carrier bags:

This can serve as a good wedding gift souvenir. It can be used for carrying important items and also used for casual outings.


Ideas on Wedding Gift Souvenirs for your Guests (5)

You can give out notepads that are embedded in African prints. Compared with just any ordinary notepad, this would look unique because of its different look.

Waste basket:

This wedding gift souvenir is needed in every home to throw away unwanted items.

Though it looks small, it is very effective.

Set of spoons or knives:

This shouldn’t be too expensive as they are very important tools used in the kitchen. Women are not the only ones who cook in the kitchen; men also cook so these souvenirs would serve both men and women.

Plastic chopping board:

Ideas on Wedding Gift Souvenirs for your Guests (6)

In the market these days, you’ll find cute looking shaped chopping boards that are even easy to carry. You’ll find them in several beautiful colours.


Mugs are useful both at home and in the office and they never go out of style. They are used regularly and also used in any season.

Do you know that your wedding gift souvenirs can be customized to suit your taste? When they are customized, they look more personalized.

What other ideas do you have on wedding gift souvenirs you feel we should know about?

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