How To Win a Girl With Persistence

How To Win a Girl With Persistence

You’ve read it all over the place how to win a girl and you’ve tried them out but not working for you. I have good news for you here and right now that will motivate you to overcome that girl that is showing off to your face. It’s term how to win a girl with persistence and I can assure you that with the simple analogy in a conversational manner I’m going to show you here will convince you enough to go all out and be persistence with your effort to win the girl to catch your eyes. [Must Read: Proven facts: 10 words that entice you everyday]

How To Win a Girl With PersistenceAre you really ready for this? If you’re ready truly, then let go there and together we will smile as I go along with the word of analogy on how to win a girl with persistence.

Here is the word I’m going to use for my analogy; 

“Oh please do not touch me”

This is the likely word that represent how girl behave and if you can go on and persist enough, you’ll be surprised how their no actually mean yes come on to me.

I will be removing one word each from these 6 words (oh please do not touch me) from the right (me) and ended it up with the last word (oh).

Don’t forget persistency will help you in removing each of those words in the word of most girls to you. When you first approach her, she will offer the word oh please do not touch me when you persist, this is how it going to end and that will be in your favour. So let go

Oh please do not touch me.

Oh please do not touch.

Oh please do not.

Oh please do.

Oh please!


It’s a teaser, very simple to follow, and that’s is the exact way women behave generally, all you have to do on your part is just to try once more and you will be amazed by the result you’re going to get out of it. Don’t forget to Like our Facebook fan page below, thanks for doing that.

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