6 Wrong Ways to Love When in a Relationship

You may wonder if people love wrongly and I say “YES.”

When you are in a relationship, you cannot do without love because it is that element that fuels and sustains that relationship.

In as much as there are various kinds of love which are expressed differently, are you also aware that you can love the wrong way?

Nobody says you should not fall in love but it becomes wearisome if you love someone the wrong way.

It’s best you know if you are loving someone the wrong or right way so you can make adjustments in your love life.

Here are some wrong ways to love:

Loving someone more than yourself:

6 Wrong Ways to Love When in a Relationship

I know true love exists and so many relationships flourish as a result of this but does that mean you should love someone else more than yourself?

I believe love should be expressed equally and if there is a deficiency from one person then the other person suffers it.

This is one of the wrong ways to love and if you find yourself in this situation, you are simply cheating yourself.

If you cannot love yourself as much as the other person then what is the use of falling in love?

Acting like you cannot live without the other person:

So many people in relationships have this notion and this is one of the wrong ways to love.

So what if something bad happens to that person, what will you do? Or what if you get jilted?

It is very easy to be consumed in love but while doing this, it is best not to forget oneself in the process.

You need to live for yourself and not depend on someone else for your survival all in the name of love.

Going overboard to please someone else:

6 Wrong Ways to Love When in a Relationship

This is definitely one of the wrong ways to love a person. This is because some people are disappointed or let down after giving their all to someone they love.

It is not bad to express your love for someone but unless he or she is really worth it, I see no need to go over board.

Why stress yourself if you are only going to regret it later on?

Not having your own opinion on matters:

Some people in relationships cannot make decisions on their own. They always seek advice from their partners.

If you always do this and see it as an act of love, your partner may get tired of you easily.

This is because you will make your partner feel you have no mind of your own if you keep doing this.

It’s good to consult but also have a say.

Being available all the time:

It’s good spending time with the one you love but at times its nice to give a twist to your relationship.

Try being apart for a short while just so your partner appreciates you more.

If he or she sees that you are always available, you may be taken for granted.

Being a little bit scarce will not cause harm to your relationship. It will only make you look important in the eyes of your partner.

Being all mushy about love:

At times, showing that you love your partner so much could cause issues in your relationship.

Show love but do it in moderation so you won’t be seen as being weak.

This is one of the wrong ways to love as it can make your partner take you for a ride and not appreciate you.

Love is good but it should be expressed the right way. Do not be a fool for love but be smart because it is a matter of the heart.

Remember that no one can guard your heart better than you so safe guard it from loving wrongfully.

If you are in a relationship, have you being loving the wrong way? Let the points above answer that question for you.

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