How to Make Guy Likes You; 5 Factors That Work

How to Make Guy Likes You; 5 Factors That Work

There are several ways to attract guys, but not all of the attraction last long as you desire it. However, there are 5 proven factors that work for everyone that look for how to make guy like you. There has been an earlier written post on how lady can attract the guy of her dream which is very well written, but in this post, it is all about how to make guy likes you considering by following the 5 factors that work.

How to Make Guy Likes YouThese five factors is according to social psychologist Robert Cialdini, he pointed out these factors that are the major factors that anyone not just even ladies but also guys can use to make the opposite sex like you. The five factors are;

  1. Similarity
  2. Physical attraction
  3. Compliments
  4. Conditioning & Associate
  5. Contact & Cooperation

Your success with guys will depends on how well you make use of these 5 factors in wanting men to like and draw their attention to your side. However, don’t waste your time and effort with these factors with someone who doesn’t worth your affection.

1. Similarity

It is natural when you have something similar with someone, you will want to get close to the person because of the similarity between both of you. You can imagine being in a group of black people or white people and you just find only one person that has the same colour with you, wouldn’t you want to get close to him or her before any other person in the gathering? This same principle apply to likeness, dating or relationship, it is often more easier to get close to someone you find something similar to what you have, take religion for instance, Christian will want to go for Christian and Muslim will want to go for Muslim, even among Christian of different denomination, Catholic will find it easy to get closer to catholic member like him or her, so also Anglican will like get close to an Anglican person rather than going to someone from Catholic.

All you need to do is to find some similarity with the guy you want him to like you, once you’re able to find someone thing you both share in common, explore him through that mean, he will have no option other than to let his guard down toward you. If you’re in the same class in school or you belong to the same group in your society, that is a common ground, you just got the similarity to explore on, make wise use of it and you will be surprise how quickly he will turn his attention to you.

2. Physical Attraction

Believe it or not, the way you dress is the same way you’ll be addressed. Your physical attractiveness can be enhance by the type of dressing you put on, and again there are certain area of your body that you know that you’re bless with when you talk about what men want from woman, show off those area to be easily noticeable and don’t allow your best area to be conceal by any kind of dressing or makeup that will take the guy eyes away from where he should be most interested in you. This does not mean dressing in a provocative way, but make yourself feel comfortable with what you put on that will attract any man of good senses.

If you want to makeup to enhance your facial appearance, look for the best fitted makeup you already know work perfect for you. This period you want guy to like you is not the time for trying out new makeup that you’ve not tried before. Use what you’re sure is good for you. You may be interested in learning the act of makeup guide, read the post about it in this article and download the makeup secret guide at the end of the article.

3. Compliment

Let us face the fact, everyone love to be complimented. Don’t you? Even if what it is being said about you is not totally true, you will still appreciate the compliment. Complimenting someone is a kind of flattery that will turn anyone toward liking you whether is male or female. Use this to wow the guy interest toward you. It will not take you much time before you will begin to see the result for yourself.

4. Conditioning & Associate

Having you seen an ads where lady are used to promote certain products? Do you notice any similarity or something unique that can ordinarily bring them together apart from the advert? Take a look at the products they are promoting, that is the main thing that brings about their association. They associate themselves with it because they share common goal which is bringing the products to the people, you can also imagine two different products where one of them has images of fine, cute and attractive lady drew on it whereas the other one do not get any kind of images at all. Which of the two products will you think the guy will go for and pick up? It will be definitely be the one with the attractively looking girl. That also work on the law of association, we tend to move toward those that we can associate ourselves with base on condition. When you want to apply this factor for guys so that you can be liked, don’t go carry many ladies with you trying to form association so that the guy can notice you, that won’t work because those ladies are your direct competitors.

What you need do is to search some information about the guy you want him to like you, you can get his name or maybe you’ve met him before but you’re not that close, go online and search for him, know his like and dislike, you can get such information on Facebook profile, if the guy is someone that like football club like Manchester United, associate yourself with Manchester United, and stylishly bring fort Manchester united issues before him once in a while, he will appreciate it. A very good example here is for you to go get double ticket of Manchester United next match at Old Trafford and tell him you won double tickets to watch a football team that you have admire for long time and you will like to give him one of the ticket so that he may go as well to watch United live match at Old Trafford even though Manchester United may not be his favorite football club. You already knew that he love Man United, but just using the tricks on him to like you and desire you. You are guarantee of his likeness for a very long time which you can convert to relationship that lead to marriage.

5. Contact & Cooperation

You will not want to get guy to like you and you stay in distance away from him, this is where contact is very important in trying to let him like you. Contact is not only through close proximity like your body getting closer to his but also getting means of reaching him, like you getting his phone numbers or even knowing where he lives.

I hope you enjoy this article, and if you do, please leave us a comment in the comment box below either using Google plus comment, Facebook or the normal wordpress comment. We want to hear from you on how you feel about the article and topic which is once again ‘how to make guy like you’ base of the 5 factors above.

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