How to Rekindle the Love in your Relationship

When people are in love, sparks fly, butterflies churn in the stomach and romantic words are uttered.

Amidst all these, do you know it is possible for that same heightened love to diminish? This is one of the reasons for some broken relationships today.

If you feel that your relationship is in trouble, you can surely rekindle the love in it just by following the steps below.

Understand what love is:

A lot of people do not really know the true meaning of love and so it is necessary to fully understand it so you can apply it sincerely on your relationship.

Knowing that no matter what happens whether good or bad, you will always love your partner.

So in trying to rekindle the love in your relationship, you must understand that love comes with sacrifice and be determined to stay strong amidst all trials.

Have a romantic getaway:

How to Rekindle the Love in your Relationship

To rekindle the love once again in your relationship, you have to plan a romantic getaway.

You both need to be away from familiar surrounding and people to a nice scenario so you can bond better.

Get away from business and anything that will distract you both and just spend time together.

If you both truly love yourself, it shouldn’t take long for the sparks to fly again.

Reassure yourselves of your love:

One of the ways to rekindle the love in your relationship is to reassure yourselves of the love you both share.

Sometimes what is needed is just a reminder of how much you are loved.


Looking back at past memories will surely juggle your mind to specific events.

It’s good to sometimes remember where you are both coming from and where you are now.

If you have pictures taken together, this is the time to bring them out and run through the fun times you had together.

Doing this will certainly help to rekindle the love in your relationship.

Make amends:

To rekindle the love in your relationship, you will have to do away with pride and make amends so peace can reign.

Talk about situations and apologise for any wrong doing so you can both be happy.

Be willing to let go of any hurt you feel and be ready to embrace forgiveness.

Do things differently:

At times, couples stick to doing things in a routine manner which can be boring and stale.

So if you are looking to rekindle the love in your relationship, come up with other fun and exciting ways of doing things.

Doing this will add more spice to your relationship.

Make new commitments to each other:

Making a fresh commitment in your relationship is another way to rekindle the love in your relationship.

Doing this shows that you are prepared for another chance to grow your relationship and it also indicates that you still love your partner and are willing to make an effort to make it work.

Making new commitments will strengthen the bond between the two of you and rejuvenate your love for each other.

Spend time together:

How to Rekindle the Love in your Relationship

You cannot expect to rekindle the love in your relationship If you are in Lagos and your partner is in Sokoto.

You need to spend as much time together so the love can be rekindled.

Spending time together helps bridge certain gaps in a relationship and helps you understand each other better.

By so doing, you not only rub off on each other, but you will start acting like each other.

Build trust:

This means doing away with old habits that might have affected your relationship in time past.

If you can build a level of trust in your relationship, it will go a long way in making your partner see you differently and trusting you wholeheartedly.

How ready are you to rekindle the love in your relationship? Are you ready to hold your partners hand in this journey of love in order to make your relationship stay together?

These steps will do justice to that.

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