How to Identify Wrong Signals in a Relationship

A lot of people find it difficult to identify wrong signals when they are dating which sometimes destroys their relationship.

Whether you like it or not, there will definitely be wrong signals in every relationship at one point or the other.

These wrong signals sometimes change positively while sometimes they change negatively; it all depends on how they are handled.

If you are in a relationship and things start to go wrong and you are wondering why, I would like to ask you if you have been able to identify some wrong signals in your relationship.

You will be surprised to know that most of the time, wrong signals stare you right in the face but you don’t see it.

Some of those wrong signals are:

Ignoring you:

How to Identify Wrong Signals in a Relationship

One thing I hate most is when I am being ignored by my partner. If you notice that you are constantly being ignored by your partner then know for sure that something is wrong.

Why do you think someone you are in a relationship with will just start ignoring you? Could it be because he or she is no longer interested in the relationship or he or she is too absentminded to notice you?

Well, this is certainly one of those wrong signals you must take note of in your relationship.

Shouting on you:

How to Identify Wrong Signals in a Relationship

If you notice that your partner easily gets angered by the things you say or do then that is one of the wrong signals.

If he or she is easily pissed by your actions then you should be worried. If you feel that your partner is quickly irritated just by seeing you and does not hesitate to shout at you then something is wrong.

Limiting communication with you:

This is one of the wrong signals you should identify in your relationship. If your partner reduces how he or she communicates with you then something is not right.

If you notice this going on for a long period of time then you need to do something about it.

Someone who suddenly tries to cut you off by limiting interaction with you is surely up to something.

Avoiding you:

This is one action that one should not be surprised at when it happens. As soon as you discover that your partner keeps avoiding you and making excuses not to be with you then something is wrong.

You can try to find out the reason why he or she is doing that but I bet you, you will get more excuses.

Keeping things from you:

Be mindful of this as this is one of the wrong signals that sometimes pop up in relationships.

Keeping secrets away from each other should not be a part of your relationship but if your partner does this to you, it is evident that your relationship is in trouble.

Keeping you away from family and friends:

If the person you are dating hides you from his family and friends that is not a good sign.

If he or she loves you, they should want everyone to know about you but if the reverse is the case then he or she is not proud of you.

Showing less affection:

When your partner shows you less affection that he or she usually does then that is surely a wrong signal.

Anyone who loves you should shower you with lots of love and affection but overtime if you notice it is not as much as before, then something is up.

Wrong signals can sometimes not be avoided and it only takes one who is vigilant to notice them.

Al these wrong signals come up in relationships and it is better you know what they are so that when they start happening, you would not be taken unawares.

There is nothing like a perfect relationship; everyone just strives to have one. So if you are amongst those who want one, be wise and informed about these wrong signals.

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