How To Do A Perfect And Unblemished French Manicure

We all like to see our nail polish look great and amazing. If you are like me, you probably started polishing your nails during your grade school days. The fact remains, how perfect we are at doing these. A good French manicure is one manicure hoaxes that many people think it is far-fetched and cannot be achieved at home. If you truly love to have a glossy looking and stylish French-manicured nails but aren’t buoyant enough to have to pay the required bill on a month to month basis. These tips will help you to ensure that you get the appearance you crave for even without spending a dime. This article will also teach tips to get your nail polish easily dried out.

If you follow the tips and practice it with perseverance, you are sure to get a perfect French manicured nails. Now, here we go:

Nail polishing
French Manicure

A flawless French manicure

A perfect and flawless French manicure is characterized with pastel pink base and bright white tips. It is a commonly demanded nail polish style by women of all ages globally. It is known as French Manicure by women from other countries of the world in France it is known as “la French,” although it was invented by Americans.

Currently, with improvements in the nail polishing world, it is not very tasking any longer to be able to achieve a perfect and saloon looking manicure at home.  You can just walk into any fashion and beauty shop within your locality and request for enduring color of nail polish. A gel nail polish is the one that is much more recommended for this purpose. You can as well purchase a few pure pink and white nail polishes to do the nail polishing yourself. The tips we have provided below will help you to achieve that perfect look.

Tidy your nails with nail files or nail cutter

Your first step is to get your nails trimmed down to the shape and length you want. Try to make the edges even and not patchy.  While cutting down your nail to the desired length bear in mind that a longer nail looks better than a shorter nail in French manicure.

Trim your nails to the desired shape

Decide on the type of shape you want for your nails. You can either make your nails rounded or square shaped.

Immerse your cuticles to  get them saturated

If what you want is to get exactly that same feel that you would obtain in a salon, immerse your hands in a basin of warm water and let them saturate for one or two minutes. After this, use a cuticle pusher and softly push back your cuticles. Remember; never cut them as cutting them is unhealthy practice. You can after those remove any grime and soot from under your nails with the other part of the cuticle pusher.

 Buff the nail and get it ready for nail polish

Now, prior to the application of the first coat of polish, you need the top of your nails to be buff up to get them ready for the application of the nail polish. After this, massage cuticle oil on your nail and apply your polish like a pro.

Tips to cut down on the time your nail polish takes to dry

  • Fill a basin with cool water and a few ice cubes. Avoid freezing or frostbite but go for a little cold one.
  • Polish your nails and allow them to air dry for a minute.
  • Immerse your fingers in the basin of cold water for two to three minutes. When you take them out, you’ll observe droplets of water above the  nail polish. This show that it is already dried up and firmed.

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