Manicuring Tips: The Dangers Of Cutting Your nail Cuticles

Your skin is the biggest and broadest organ of your body.  The skin does protective function in the body apart from its other functions like excretion. Your nail cuticles is part of your skin that covers your finger nails and toe nails. It is, thus, your nails’ defensive and resistance mechanism. Many women in an attempt to get their nails and nail polish have the manicurist cut their cuticle. If you are one of those who have the habit of cutting their cuticles, you should know that it is not safe for the health of your nails.

Dangers Of Cutting Your nail Cuticles

Although your feelings are iced up anytime your manicurist get his or her pair of small razor-sharp clippers to inquire if you’d want to cut your cuticles, often times you are unable to resist the temptation even when you know the dangers. You are more concerned about , but seeing your nails looking tattered and you are forced to have your cuticles cut  mere to be satisfied that you have had a perfect manicure and good looking nails. Often times, after cutting your cuticles, you’d observe that they are gone peeling again after a few days and your aim for cutting in the first instance is completely defeated.

Your cuticle is your nail’s natural defensive seal. It protects the nails against any unwanted water, moisture and harmful organisms from entering, attacking and harming the nails.

The functions of your nail cuticles

Your nail cuticle is its only natural protective feature. Experts advise that we should never cut our nail cuticles or we’d be robbing them of water, moisture and organisms from entering into the nail. The cuticle covers the most significant part of the nail known as the nail matrix. Any distress like a cut, a bit and a pick to the cuticle area can injure and have an adverse effect on the matrix. The result in the long run is that eventually, it would result to some abnormality in the nail and cause problems like hollowing, crinkling and staining of the nails. You don’t want to cut your nails to appear neat only for a short while and have it destroyed and ruined forever. Do you?

Why cutting your cuticle is a bad idea

It can cause bacterial infection

Another reason why you should think twice about cutting your cuticle is that the cuticle protects it against bacteria attack and being infested with disease. If you let bacteria get into your nails by cutting the cuticles, it can cause a red, and mild infection referred to as acute paronychia. When you have the condition, your nails ought to be drawn off and cultured by a medical doctor. You would then be required to take antibiotics to get it cured. You don’t want to be the cause of illness, you can avoid. I hope not.

On the other hand, if you let moisture into your nail unit due to a broken obstacle, you’d cause the skin at the back of your cuticle to turn boggy, ruby and distended. This may lead to an invasion of yeast which would result to a condition referred to as chronic paronychia, and the nail will ultimately grow out unusually if you continue to cut your cuticle.

It can cause nail damage

When you cut your cuticle, you are exposing it to bacterial infection which can cause permanent nail damage. It is better to softly thrust them back rather than have them cut.

For you to be able to do this, you need to make use of a wash cloth to thrust them to the rear following a warm bathe or immersion. There are as well dangers in the use of cuticle removers due to the fact that it still removes the cuticle even though you don’t have to go under the scissors. Cuticle removers are normally made up of alkaline substances which normally ruin the keratin during the cuticle removal process.

The best manicuring cuticle tips

To avoid getting into trouble, you need an efficient cuticle treatment that will assist to inhibit and treat cuticle cracks. All you need to do is adequately file, polish and move the cuticles backward. When you have done that, apply copious amount of moisturizer to keep your cuticles softer and supple. This will prevent the cracks. A good cuticle moisturizer will do the trick for you.

There is also a Nail Renewal System that contains a relevant pen hydrating treatment made up of coconut, apricot and sunflower oils.

To get your nails back into shape, doing the nail treatment routine below at night would help a lot- place hot towels over your hands and allow it to absorb all the nutrients. The feeling of it is astounding!

Finally don’t forget to practice this beauty tip- drink enough water always. Your nails and cuticles need as much water as does your skin.

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