Bridal Accessories Mistake: Top Bridal Accessories Mistake You Must Avoid

Wedding moment is one of the most exciting moments in life. While you savor the joy that you are finally getting settled with the greatest love of your life, you must ensure that you don’t get too carried away and forget some of the most crucial things you need to do in preparation to ensure that you make the day enjoyable for yourself, your husband and all your invited guests friends and family inclusive. Apart from your wedding day being your pride, it is also supposed to be the pride of your family and friends. You want to make yourself and your guests happy. You don’t want to leave them disappointed. Remember, whatever you get wrong that day cannot be undone since wedding a one-time event. Therefore, you need to watch against the following bridal accessories mistakes:

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Bridal Accessories mistakes

Buying your bridal accessories at the last minute

Wedding day is the greatest occasion of your life. Early preparations ensure that you don’t run into trouble doing things the wrong way or not doing what you’d want to. Give yourself enough time while choosing your accessories and don’t wait till the last minute. The perfect or your desired accessories; earrings, veil, lingerie, hairpieces may be sold out. It may take some time for new pieces to arrive. Endeavor to place your order in good time to steer away from disappointment.  Also consider the hair style you want to wear and check if you’d be comfortable with it plus if the hair accessories you choose will suit your chosen hair style. You don’t want cry over spilt milk, so, make haste while the sun shines and ensure your day comes out the way you want it.

Forgetting your manicure and Pedicure

You want to look your very best on your wedding day, so don’t leave any stone unturned. You will be the center of attraction that day. Photographers would be taking different shots of you. You don’t want your finger and toe nails to spoil your beautiful look. Your wedding pictures will remain for the major part of your life memorable pieces for yourself, friends, loved ones and future children. So endeavor to make them shine and glitter and show the world the best you can be. The nail polish you chose must match the color of your wedding dress, your hair style, the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses and your bridal bouquet. A good number of brides prefer redden pink polish; French manicure, white or soft colored polish. This is not the rule. It depends on the color of your flowers and lipsticks. The color of your nail polish must complement and not contrast them.

Don’t get caught up over experimenting

May designers are beginning to try out various fabrics, textures and decorations. Some brides get caught up trying to implement these ornamentation. If  your chosen wedding dress and bridal veil  makes use of  a combination of materials of different forms and textures like lace, convoluted patterns and plenty of embroidery, you may be better off  wearing the dressing alone and not put too much of accessories into it. Again, the color of the earning you have chosen must match and complement the necklace you wear. A gold necklace would not match a silver colored earring for an example. In the same vein the features of your wedding dress must match and correspond to the bracelet you choose to wear.

Going to the extreme is bridal accessories mistake

Wedding moment is a very exciting moment for brides. You can get over excited and go for bridal accessories which are really not essential. The key is to remain moderate. Remember the say too much of everything is bad. Don’t overdo things. Try your chosen accessories and ensure they really give you a perfect fit. Get your friends and close family members to help you access how the bridal accessories you chose match your overall look. Anything that doesn’t augment your beauty and look should be taken off.

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Bridal accessories mistakes

The bridal gown style and the accompanying decorations should be taking into consideration. If your dress is quite glittery and is embroidered with crystals and rhinestones, a pair of earrings would do as your bridal accessory but if your dress contains less adornment, you could go for a necklace, headpiece and bracelet to augment the beauty.

Your choice of bridal accessories would depend on your bridal dress style and look, your physique and the wedding theme. It is always best to remain moderate rather than going to the extreme. Less number of accessories would normally make you look more beautiful than pilling yourself with plenty of accessories.


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