How To Boost Your Hair Growth: 6 Top Hair Boosting Tips

Hair is the beauty of a woman. I really love to see my natural hair grow long. The joy of it will surpass that of braiding and fixing hair extensions. Often times I had to battle with occasional hair cuts or hair losses due to pressure during braiding or the harsh effects of the hair products I use.

If you are like me, you’d frequently sit down and wonder how to get your hair grow and remain healthy and strong without cutting from time to time. Indeed, it can be continually exasperating having to wait for ages for your hair grow and become long as desired.

Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of techniques you can apply to boost your hair growth if by nature, your hair doesn’t grow fast or you are merely not patient enough to wait for your hair to grow as long as you’d desire. The following tips will help your hair to grow faster than normal.

1. Constant Stimulation of the Scalp boosts hair growth

Stimulating the scalp through the use of comb as if you are combing your hair or just with hand for the purpose of it has been proven by experts to boost hair growth.

Massaging the scalp greatly improves blood circulation on the scalp which results to a faster hair growth. It depends on how you want to have it done. You may massage your hair dry or wet.

You may want to massage the scalp when you are in the shower. To achieve the desired result, endeavor to massage the scalp robustly and evenly. While doing this, try as much as possible to stimulate a good number of your hair follicles.

You can as well ask for a scalp massage at any hair salon that offers the service. You’d love the experience. Scalp massage apart from stimulating your hair follicle to boost hair growth always relaxes you greatly.

2. Use a good scalp washing shampoo

Occasionally, hair growth is impeded by a gradual gathering of hair products applied on the hair. It can as well result as a result of air pollution from the environment we find ourselves.

To get rid of these effects, you need a good hair shampoo that cleanses and unblocks the congested hair pores which are the culprit for slow or retarded hair growth.

Washing the hair with such hair products produces similar effect like exfoliation. It will aid in the removal of collected hair beauty products and fragments that can block hair pores and leads to retarded hair growth and in extreme situations hair loss and breakage.

3. Stay away from over braiding and or over relaxing of your hair

Often times, we are the cause of our hair breakage, stunted growth and hair loss. Applying too much pressure on the hair during braiding and during loosening of it may result to hair loss and stunted growth.

This is why we frequently see women whose front hairs have cut off and is gradually moving inwards as if they are getting bald hair. You should tell your hair stylists not to apply too much pressure or make the hair too tight.

You can also choose styles that don’t cut hair much. Over-relaxing the hair can as well lead to hair loss and breakage. You need to only relax the undergrowth and not the entire hair and it should be done with 2 months and above interval and not below.

Again, too much use of hair straightener or curling iron can lead to hair breakage.  Your hair needs enough moisture to grow and remain healthy.

4. Eating food rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D and protein boosts hair growth

Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D are recommended for a healthy skin and hair. Vitamin D has been proven to help in the stimulation of the body for the growth of fresh hair follicles which boosts hair growth.

So, try and incorporate these foods into your diet to boost your hair growth. Examples of foods that have vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acid in them are: lean poultry, salmon, sweet potatoes, guava, eggs, spinach and Greek yogurt.

5. Apply Hair growers

Look for a good brand of hair grower in the market and use it daily on your hair. Follow the instructions provided on the pack but it is better to use the hair growth serum both morning and evening for a healthier, longer and faster hair growth.

6. Intake of hair growth supplements

Hair growth supplement like biotin has been proven to lead to a longer and stronger hair and nails. You can take the supplement everyday to encourage a healthy looking and strong hair, skin, and nails.

It’s incorporated in the majorities of every day vitamins, but when you are working on a regiment to boost your hair growth, it is suggested that you take it alone.

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