How Prostrate Massage Can Help with Erectile Dysfunction

For a long time, massage has been used to relax tense muscles in the body,and the prostate is one of those muscles. The prostate is a walnut-sizedgland located in front of the rectum – between the bladder and penis. It is the most sensitive male gland and is responsible for creating the fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation.

Popularly referred to as milking the prostate, massage is a therapeutic massage routine that involves exerting pressure on the area located halfway between the anus and the scrotum to relieve tension and ensure free flow and circulation of fluid from and to the penis.

The procedure can take place in a medical setting, as foreplay or as a solo activity. While some people do it as routine to avoid health challenges, others use prostate massage to manage symptoms of prostate problems.

For example, before the introduction to new remedies like prescription medicines and surgeries, many men solely relied on prostate massage to treat symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Most men still use it today in combination with other treatments and this article will explain why.

Prostrate Massage

Erections are mainly resultant from good blood flow. When a man is turned on, blood flows into the penis, inflates it and makes it rigid. Erectile dysfunction is the failure to attain or maintain an erection necessary for intercourse at least 25% of the time.

Almost every man has had trouble getting an erection in the course of their lives. Failing to have an erection after having several bottles of drinks, when going through an intense episode of emotional stress or immediately after orgasm is not erectile dysfunction.

In this case of erectile dysfunction, the penis does not get hard enough,or when it does, it quickly returns to its original state. Erectile dysfunction is easy to observe as it often develops gradually.

It can develop due toseveral factors including age, depression, stress, obesity, high blood pressure or cholesterol, injury, and drug or alcohol use.

Many men who have erectile dysfunction have testified that regular prostate massage helps to restore normal sexual function. This is because exerting pressure on the prostate and perineum relaxes the pelvic muscles and allows for better blood flow to the penis.

Prostate massage also interrupts infection by clearing the prostatic duct, releasing fluids which may be causing blockage, thus relieving symptoms of erectile dysfunction.Prostate massage when performed correctly comes with no risk. Having someone you love,and trust perform prostate massage on you is a feeling that is out of this world. Here’s how you can do this at home as a remedy for erectile dysfunction:

Prostrate Massage

  1. Communicate

Tell your partner how the massage is supposed to be performed. Remember that the prostate is very vulnerable so, the pressure applied should be light.

  1. Clean the area

Ensure that the prostate area is clean before beginning the massage session, even after disinfecting the tools and hands to be used. Finger condoms are also a great option for prostate massage.

  1. Get into position

The ideal position to be in for prostate massage routine is on all fours.

  1. Get down to business

Next, your partner should slowly insert his or her finger into your anus, about four inches deep. Prostate massage can be done using circular motions, back and forth, or with a steady, targeted pressure on certain areas. If it is done rightly, when your partner moves their finger back an inch or two, fluid will be excreted via your penis.

You get the best prostate massage, as well as you get many other massages like Tantric massage, erotic massage, and sensual massage.

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