Give Your Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction And Make Her Adore You !

A lot of men, although they are in relationship for a long period do not know how to give their Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction. Some don’t even care to find out.  They want a woman just to satisfy their carnal desire and nothing more.

It is very frustrating for a woman to be in relationship with a man who hardly gives her what she wants in bed.

Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction
Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction

Many women would prefer to be without a man than to be with a man who doesn’t give a Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction  and doesn’t care to find out.

What the majority of women desire is not your ability to last long in bed alone but also  a few other important aspects of sexual life.

This article, is all about  practical tips that help to give your woman desired bedroom Satisfaction to move her to adore you. 

Find out your Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction

Finding out what a woman wants in relationship is not that easy but if you must be in relationship and enjoy your relationship, you have to learn the rubrics of sexual pleasure in women.  

A woman will not love you for real if you constantly fail to satisfy her in bed. Sex is a sacred institution by God that unites a man’s heart deeply with that of a woman. And unless you play by the rules, you will cause her frustrations and gain her hatred instead of her love, admiration and dedication.

If you need to keep and maintain a healthy and lasting relationship with a woman, you must not only learn how to get her fall in love with you but additionally how to maintain and keep renewing that spark of love. The best way to do it is to get her crazily hot with wild and blazing hot orgasm every night.

When you have mastered this act, you would get your woman to fall deadly and madly in love with you. She would hold you with high esteem. She would be badly addicted and faithful to you and would hardly desire any other man in her life except you.

The majority of relationship breakups that occur today happen because not fulfilling each other sexual desire. Most is because the Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction was not there. You need to learn how to touch a woman and the right places to touch her to get her boobs tingling and genitals yearning to be filled up.  

Give your woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction  by preparing her for sexual act through foreplay

The majority of men don’t take foreplay seriously. They use it as a medium to get to the main coitus. That’s a wrong attitude. While foreplay would eventually culminate in penetration, the woman’s body chemistry enjoys the fore play more than the actual penetration and genital plunge.

Men easily reach orgasm than women. Foreplay prepares the women for the journey to orgasm. Try to inquire from your woman what she loves most and how she feels about a touch. You won’t get to know it unless you ask.

You would give your Woman Desired Bedroom Satisfaction by knowing her sexual organs

Ensure you are fully aware of the anatomy of your woman’s sexual organ. Know where to touch her to get her spiced up. Do all you can to give enough massage to her clitoris either with your tongue, lips or finger during foreplay.

During the actual penetration, do not forget her clitoris. Let your major focus of attention be on her clitoris as you give her thrusts up and down. If you want to know how to satisfy her in bed and get her asking for more, you must know exactly where to focus your attention or she would be disappointed in you.

Penetrating a woman feels good but to get a woman to orgasm, clitoris stimulation does more trick than the actual coitus. Always find out from her what pleases her most. 

Make her know how you love her even  when she takes off her dress

While you play with her, let her know how her body sparks you off. Let her know how sweet her inside is, how pleasant she smells and how lovely she looks.  Let her forget her nudity by praising her interior figures, you’d get her to concentrate more on pleasing you and be disposed to go extra miles with you.

Be open to share your sexual desire with each other

When she knows what you want to do with her body, how you’d enjoy it, you set her emotions wild even before the action of coming together for physical foreplay or penetration.

Woo her mind first with sweet romantic words and she’d be dying to have you glued up inside of her. Just as you open up to her regarding your wide emotions, ask about her feelings and expectations too.

Do this not necessarily when you are having physical sexual intercourse. Ask her what feels good for her during foreplay and don’t just move on with your assumption.

You may be driving her mad that way without her opening up to tell you her true feelings, if you don’t care to ask. The eventual result is that you would be creating a gradual barrier to your intimacy.

In conclusion, if you want to have a woman go down on her knees and ask you for more, you must fully understand her sexual needs.

Unless you discover her needs, you would not be able to satisfy it:

  • Oral sex or gentle stimulation of your woman’s genitals with your tongue triggers off a sweet sensation in her making her to desire more.  
  • Pay great attention to her breast and nipples even while you penetrate deep into her. You can either do this with your tongue or hands while gently still massaging her clitoris with your penis as you thrust.
  • Make her go down on her elbow instead of on her palm to enable you easily get to her G-spot. Once you get to her G sport, give her enough tickle.
  • If you follow these tips; you would set your woman up with wide emotions and she’d be more romantic with you. She’d constantly adore you!

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  1. In sex, the men shouldn’t seem to be a newbie, so that his lover can satisfy on the Cloud 9. The bedroom satisfaction is also a necessary way for mainting their marriage. I think this post is really useful for men 🙂

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