How Long Should Relationship Last Before Getting Married

How Long Should Relationship Last Before Getting Married

The question of how long should relationship last before getting married has been asked time and time again. And there is no way the question can stop coming up every now and then, this is because, everyday people are growing up and many are getting into relationship. [Read; When is the right age for getting into marriage]

How Long Should Relationship Last Before Getting MarriedYou may have read some other people’s opinion about the time frame for individual relationship before tying the knot.  Of course, there are myriads of information about it and opinion are differs. But here in I Love Relationship, you’re going to read it, the way it’s supposed to be for every single guys and ladies.

So, how long should relationship last before getting married? Or let put it this way, how long is too long for your dating before committing yourself into marriage?

There are many factors to be considered in determining how long should relationship last before getting married. I will start with one of the factor that is the most important among them all. And then give you an honest opinion, about the time frame to get married after the dating period.

Below are the factors to be considered to determine how long should you stay in a relationship before you tie the knot.

1. You must have a goal, a purpose why you’re going into any relationship

The purpose why you’re going into any kind of relationship will be your guide, so as not to misuse your relationship opportunity. There is this popular saying that “when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.”

You must first of all determine the purpose why you want that relationship. Failure to do that will result in relationship abuse. There is no two ways about it, though other factors may come into play but they are at minimal level, which sometimes, are not even significant at all in your relationship to marriage journey. So, get the purpose first hand why you’re going into that relationship, and work toward that goal.

2. Financial situation and job security

Lots of singles go into relationship, hoping to get married as their financial situations improve. This does not come as expected in most cases, thus making many put forward, the time to tie the knot with their partner. Even some that get the job, the money being made or getting paid is not enough to start family life. Let alone those who have no job at all and are willing to get into relationship. Longer years await such relationship.

3. At what Age do you get into relationship?

Age can stand as a barrier for getting married after some months or years of relationship/dating. People that get into relationship at much younger age, tend to be staying in relationship for longer period before heading to the altar. I guess many get into relationship at younger age possibly because of peer pressure. Some got into relationship just for the fun of it, the end result is not always a sweet experience. [Read; Does age difference matter in relationship?]

Much older young men and women knows what they want before going into any relationship. Though not every one of them but to a larger extent, when you compare to those who are still in their teens.

My conclusion about how long should relationship last before getting married is this;

  • There is no exact time for relationship to progress into marriage, but there is a period of time that is good enough, for relationship to progress into marriage.
  • Any individual in a relationship that is 5 years and above should consider quitting such relationship. One of them is not ready for marriage and there is no sure sign that the marriage will come soon. In this case, the purpose of relationship has already been defeated. Don’t think he is magically going to wake up and be ready. If he won’t marry you after 5 years, then I don’t think any more time is going to help. Get yourself out of there before you get hurt. [Read; How long term courtship is not good for women]
  • 9 months to 3 years is the best period for any would be successful relationship to progress into marriage. Depending on individual, these periods is enough for you to know your partner. And again, you can’t even know everything about your partner. This period is just for you to study your partner character and see how well you can cope with him or her when you finally get married.
  • I’m aware of the fact that, many people turn to something else after their marriage. But you can see some glimpses of it during the time of your relationship. That will only happen, if you don’t allow “I’m in love” to override your sense of reasoning.

I hope I have been able to do justice to the popular question of how long should relationship last before getting into marriage.

Got any contribution to this? You’re welcome. In fact, I will like to hear your opinion about this topic. Feel free to share your experience and opinion with us using the comment box below and don’t forget to show appreciation by just a click on the facebook like icon below. Thank you.

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