Guide to selecting men’s semi-casual and casual wedding shoe

If you are planning to have a semi-casual or casual wedding, you may have a need for semi-casual or casual wedding shoe.

Although it is not a norm you are bound to follow, if you want to go by the kind of foot wear that will suit your casual wedding theme, what you need is a casual wedding shoe to go with the wedding day’s celebration.

The list of shoes we have provided in each of the two categories of this article are just a guide, they are not complete.

Casual Wedding Shoe
Casual Wedding Shoe

So, feel free to experiment with the casual wedding shoe you think is most suitable for your style and your wedding theme. As long as you love it, it is entirely your choice!

The Casual Wedding shoe

This relaxed wedding theme is regularly held outdoor in venues like a forest, beach or backyard, and it’s the type of event where you can easily spot the groom putting on a a pair of shorts.

The key consideration is that the groom follows the bride, thus, if she’s barefoot, the groom also goes barefoot. The following a few types of shoes that fall into the casual wedding shoe selections for a casual affair:

The Sandal

Sandals and cords are mostly for casual weddings. They are the types of footwear where the majorities of the upper foot is bare, giving you the allowing you to feel cool when the weather is hot.

Simple leather sandals in bronzed or dark brown are stylish wedding shoe selection, and they make a useful groomsmen gift.

The Boat casual wedding shoe

The boat shoes are as well referred to as top-siders, and they were structured with rubber soles, to make it strong enough for the wearer not to slip on the deck of a boat. You don’t have to be a sailor to put on a pair of these typical summer shoes.

They’re constructed with canvas or leather and are typically made up of a white rubber sole. They commonly come in a variety of browns.

The Semi- Casual Wedding shoes

Semi casual wedding venues can include a collection of venues like halls, churches, barns and formal gardens, where the groom appears more comfortable in trousers and a vest, than a suit.

The collections of shoes that can fit into your semi casual wedding theme include the following:

The Loafer semi casual wedding shoes

This loafer semi casual wedding shoe embraces the majorities of slip-on footwear. They are good embodiment of comfort and freedom.

Although they are taken as the least “dressy” shoe, they are available in broad varieties of styles, like penny, tassel and classic loafers. They are as well made with different forms of materials and colors, which can offer them a noticeably formal look.

The Dress Boot semi casual wedding shoe

These ankle-length boots have a small heel, and are slim fitting around the foot and the bottom of the leg. They are normally made up of equivalent design as an Oxford or Derby, and are polished to a high sheen.

The Derby semi casual wedding shoe

The Derby is as well referred to as the Blucher and is the second most common men’s dress shoe, after the Oxford.

Just like the majorities of shoes it has an open-laced structure. This means that the eyelet tabs are sewn on top of the vamp or the front section of the shoe, starting behind the toes.

The shoe lace structure is much more like a “V” that is inverted which makes to appear less formal, but more flexible. It can as well house a broader foot, which commonly makes it more comfy to put on.

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