Eyeliner application effects And Time To Wear Them

There are different eyeliner application effects you can create. Knowing when to use one and how to create them makes you appear fashionable and helps to complete your beauty and look at every occasion.

With these techniques, creating eye makeup effects is made simple for you. It has been divided into forms of effects suitable for every occasion.

eyeliner application effects

Classic Eyeliner Application effects

Classic eyeliner application effects are best application method to use during the day.

Why they are highly efficient is due to the fact that they produce spotless and dirt free, thin lines which provide the much needed accentuation without going overboard.

What you need to create classic eyeliner application effects

To produce classic eyeliner application effects all you need is an eye pencil in dark brown or black color.

To create the required eyeliner effect, pencil in from the internal corner to the outer perimeter of the top lid alone. Try to make the line thicker to some extent as you move on.

Cat Eye eyeliner application effects

The appropriate time to create and wear cat eye eyeliner application effects is when you go round the town with your friends.

Cat eye eyeliner application effects suit times out with friends because they are just spectacular and remarkable enough for nighttime bar trip.

You can keep it low key however with a simple red lip and fur jacket. All you actually need to create cat eye eyeliner application effect is liquid eyeliner and a scotch tape.

How to create cat eye eyeliner application effects

To create cat eye eyeliner application effects make use of the scotch tape to stencil how the line should angle.

Try and ensure that you tape both sides at a level slope. Sketch the liquid from the inner turn outward and on top of the tape. Make the area above the lid thicker and then taper off to the portions that extend outward.

When you have done this take off the tape and everything is done for you. You can get full detail by reading our previous article on creating cat eye eyeliner effects.

White eyeliner application effects

This appropriate eyeliner application effects to be worn on date nights. It is very apt for date nights because it routinely makes your eyes look larger and draws a great attention.

To create white eye eyeliner application effects all you need is a white eye crayon.

How to create a white eyeliner application effects

All your efforts must be centered on the very inner curve of your eye. Try to work your way externally to the center of Applying too little mascara makes you to appear less airy and more like a stranger.

Smoky eyeliner application effects

Smoky eyeliner application effects are better worn to work parties. They are suitable to work parties because they make an objective eye statement that enhances your standard look b itself lone.

Do try to keep the whole lot of things neutral to keep away from being categorized as a pageant-queen. To create smoky eye effects all you need are dark eye shadow and an angled brush.

How to create smoky eyeliner application effects

Soak your angled eye brush with water and dip in darker shades of eye shadow. Pencil in over and beneath your eye lashes, then blotch with your finger till you are satisfied with the look.

Metallic Eyeliner Effects

Metallic eyeliner effects are better worn to dinner parties. Why they are suitable for dinner parties is because they exhibit relaxed undertone and are fun filled.

All you need to create a metallic eyeliner application effect is a gold, silver or bronze eye pencil.

How to create the metallic eyeliner effects

To create metallic eyeliner effect draw a line under your eye from the internal curve outward, lessening the pressure and thickness as you move on.

Layered eyeliner application effects

This is most suitable for wedding parties. It is apt for wedding occasion because it makes a statement that impress the people you haven’t seen for a long time.

The layered eyeliner incorporates a touch of glamour while still maintaining a stylish look.

All you need to create a layered eyeliner application effect is the Liquid liner in black and metallic silver colour.

To create this effect repeat the cat eye effect discussed above with black eyeliner and afterwards add a thin line of metallic eyeliner above it.

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