Easy Skincare Treatment through a Holistic Approach

Easy Skincare Treatment through a Holistic Approach

Most people especially women do talk about external factors that can prompt sensitive skin flare-ups, some of which are; the weather and makeup, and some harsh ingredients that are applied to the skin. All of these are true but they also forget that the kind of lifestyle choice they live also has major effect on their skin and it really affect the healthy nature of their skin appearance.

Easy Skincare Treatment through a Holistic ApproachYes! Different lifestyle we chose to live do have their effect on the skin, some of which are the fitness, diet and stress management and also the kind of facial skincare products. Taking a holistic approach to skincare by looking at the link between all of these factors that impact the beauty of the skin.

Hopefully you will find these easy skin treatments through a holistic approach handful in helping you to get the better of your skin.

Ensuring you take off your makeup before bedtime

One of my top tips for a great make-up look is to start with the proper base: prepping your skin. If your skin is smooth and even, then your makeup is halfway done, which makes getting ready for a night out much easier. However, your amazing look for the special occasion with friends should not make you forget about the important of the freshness of your skin at bedtime. Even if you come home late in the night, there is no excuse why you should not take it off. One of the best healthy and natural ways to properly take of your skin is to make it a habit of cleansing before bedtime. [Must Read; Learning To Look Confident in Bed Without Wearing Makeup]

Your skin over the night needs oxygen to get refreshed but if you sleep in makeup, you’re preventing the oxygen to repair damages in your skin. The pores in your skin will be clogged when you go to bed in makeup causing breakouts and puffy eyes.

Sooth tired eyes with a cool home remedy

You know those times when your eyes are feeling irritated or tired, what you might just need in those circumstances can just be found in your refrigerator! According to Dr. Luftman, Chill spoons in the refrigerator and place them over your eyes for an instant soothing sensation and an immediate, chilly jolt back to life. Your eyes will feel cool and look refreshed, the blood vessels around your eyes will shrink and eye circles will appear to vanish.

Use your movement to get your skin fit

Do you know that doing some exercise does not just keep your body in shape but also keeping your skin fit? Carrying out daily exercise sometimes can be made to take back seat to other important issues. When this happen, you have another mean of bringing it into the daily routine by taking stairs instead of elevator or escalator, you can even stop in 2 to 3 bus stop before your final bus stop and walk down home. Even in a simpler way, play your best music in your living room and dance to shed some water off your skin, jump around as much as you want it. Doing these help you promote better blood flow and circulation which the result will show in the health and beauty of your skin.

Put tomatoes to the test

It is natural that your skin will get aged but you can delay it and not allow it come sooner than expected by taking the right diet. Here, tomatoes will do the magic, it contains antioxidant that has been proven overtime, that help reduce skin cell damage.

Try an easy spinach salad with chopped tomatoes. Go the extra mile and top your salad with almonds or sunflower seeds. The vitamin E found in these nuts and seeds can help further protect against cell damage.

Magic of “smile”

Any level of emotional stress we experience can readily be detected on our face, whether it is seen through breakouts, irritation, blushing and of course, frowning. When we smile, we look better, less tired and more refreshed. An added benefit of smiling is that our brains interpret this as a signal that we are really happy and content. Additionally, smiling will make other people to react to us in a more positive and healthy ways, and which of course will lead to better and stress less interactions or experience.

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