What You Need Do To Make Her Choose You Ahead Of Other Guys

What You Need Do To Make Her Choose You Ahead Of Other Guys

If you have not been chosen by any of the women you’ve been eyeing and trying to talk to most of the time, there is no reason to give up and thinking that you will not find your own woman. Why choice play a greater role in deciding who to go with, there are several other factors which you can bring in to influence her choice.

What You Need Do To Make Her Choose You AheadYou will first of all do away with self-defeating and all that negative thought that you won’t get a girl that will like you. You need to realize that the quality you possess is not meant to satisfy every woman but there are some women who love the kind of quality you have but you don’t think is good enough.

In this article, I want to point out some of what you need do to make her choose you ahead of other guys that she’s considering in her mind.

You need to be comfortable within yourself

You need this first off; no woman will want to be with a guy who is not comfortable with himself and with what he’s doing. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, just forget about you being chosen ahead of other guys, you’ll always be carrying last for sure. Being comfortable with yourself also has many things in common with your self-confident. How you are able to carry yourself about, how you’re comforted in what you’re wearing speaks so much about your confident level. Women are likely to notice great thing you possess when you’re comfortable with yourself than what you don’t possess.

Be humble; downplay your achievement whilst being confident

For you to be her chosen guy, you need to be humble no matter your achievement. Let other guys run their mouth and talk about all what they have achieved, their new car, promotions, how much money they’ve gotten in the account, and the rest of those great achievement a man can have. Don’t join them, just be calm, don’t brag about your achievement, stay humble and at the same time let your confident level speak much about all you have achieved. When you’re talking with women, let all your talk be about and around her and not yours. You will be surprise that in spite of being downplayed all your achievement and not boosting about them, she will consider you ahead of other guys that love running their mouth.

Women love attention, give her the attention.

One of the best ways to stand out in a crowd to a woman is to give her undivided attention. Women love this and she will like you for your attention. Women like people who like them, and to them, there is nothing more flattering than having someone’s undivided attention. In trying to give them attention, don’t crowd her space with your staring eyes, all you need do is to look for inviting signal from her. [Also read; How to attract a girl you want to marry]

To give her attention for the first time, do this; make eye contact and give her a smile, if she response back with a smile or hold your gaze, that’s a positive signal that she’s interested and what that is telling you is that you’re invited. Move on to her and pay close attention to every of the words that come out of her mouth when you start talking. Ask questions, paraphrase some of what she said and give a nod as she talks. It will prove to her that you’re really listening to her with undivided attention. Do you think she will leave you and go for other guys? Never!

Show her your warm and the hilarious part of you.

Us human being generally loves someone who is warm to us, it makes us bring down our defense line, especially for women. So, when you’re warn to her and make her laugh and at the same time laugh at her jokes, you’re already connecting yourself to her emotionally and that’s a plus for you that will help you go ahead of other guys. You don’t even have to be a standup comedian before you can make her laugh. Most times, being funny is in the character and not really in the words we say. Don’t be afraid to tease her even for a little teasing. When you make someone laugh, the person will feel good and in that instant, you have triggered the feelings of affection within her and she will be given you the No 1 position among guys that want her. What that means is that, she is falling for your 100%.

So, go out there and show all of these qualities and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to beat other guys that don’t know of these qualities. However, you need to put in more effort to ensure all of these work for you because it will require your time for you to effectively master the act.

What qualities have you ever tried that make you stand out among guys and make woman wanting to follow you to anywhere you go? I will love to hear your contribution about any one you think you have. Please use the comment form below for your contribution and don’t forget to give us the Facebook like with the icon below.

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