Don’t Fake The Pleasure Else He Will Never Learn To Please You

Don’t Fake The Pleasure Else He Will Never Learn To Please You

Many women are guilty of this act especially at their early stage of relationship, they pretend as if they are enjoying it whereas, they are just faking it. This is very bad for any relationship that is meant to be a long term relationship.

There is no way your guy can possibly know everything about your body, he can only interpret the kind of signal you’re giving him when the romance is at peak.

Don’t Fake The Pleasure Else He Will Never Learn To Please YouFaking the pleasure will send him wrong signal and he will get a wrong interpretation. How long will you continue to fake it? Why not let him know that you’re not pleasurable enough, so that he can device other means of giving you the absolute pleasure.

I read a story of a lady that never reaches the peak level when the romance is very high. He has been doing it for her boyfriend for 4 years, but now she’s fed up about the situation, and she’s also afraid to tell the truth to the boyfriend.

She thought to herself, telling him the truth can send him away, but she don’t want to lose him and she is seriously seeking for how to let him know that, she has been telling him lies for 4 years since the relationship started.

If anyone is in the position of that poor guy, what will the person possibly do? I’m sure the madness will hardly find an equal. He has been believing for the past 4 years that, he’s satisfying his girlfriend and feeling happy after the whole stuff.

But know that the truth is now here, that he hasn’t done anything to satisfy his woman on the bed, all his belief are based on false pretence from his girlfriend. You can imagine how bad the boyfriend will feel when he get to know about it.

The bottom line here is that, as a woman, you need to be plain about it with your boyfriend, if he’s not satisfying you the possible way you want to enjoy the pleasure with him, let him know. Your guy will never relent to find out another possible mean to ensure that he gives you that exciting, thrilling and electrifying pleasure that will blow your mind away.

So, don’t fake the pleasure else your boyfriend will never learn how to please you.

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