The Wounded Anthonia! A Life Lesson For You & Me

The Wounded Antonia! A Life Lesson For You & Me

Like water bursting forth on the horizon, Antonia stood weeping uncontrollably painting like a buffalo that escaped from a prey and like a dog that no longer hears the hunter’s whistle, she isolated herself from friends.
Having kept a bedside vigil through the lonely night, her teary eyes swollen, her darkened hair scattered over her face, her pointed nose stood gallantly breathing out molecules of water running down into her curve wide lips, leaving it like a sucked lips and with drenched pillow, she picked her pen and wrote this letter at the dawn with it light pimping through the holes on the windows and doors.
 A Life Lesson For You “Dear God,
I vowed never to have anything to do with a man,
I vowed never to behold the flashes from men’s eyes
I vowed never to fall in love again after being disappointed several times but when John came boldly;
The tune of his voice sounded like Christmas bell;
His gazes gingered my swagger;
His movement is like warming fire in the coldy region of the Plateau;
His words melted me with my wedding gown in mind.
O’ God John was all I wanted and I fell head low for him.
……O’ John! …… Why!!! If anyone tells me you will break my heart, I shouldn’t have believed?
God, after John displayed the animal in him,
He left with my pride, my true beauty,
My sincere love, and my undiluted consecration after I met you.
I will fight him till I dropped my last breath and ready to tell the next generation, the true content of his character.
Waiting to hear from you soon”
And God replied through his poet saying “My love, Antonia I want to look into the teary eyes of someone that loves me and see that I mattered. It is not what happens TO you that mattered but what happens IN you. Sometimes, you will need one or two heart breaks to respect and value relationships in order to become a good mother.
You don’t need to fight but walk with the Lord when your heart needs a friend, take his hand when you feel alone, turn to Him, when you need someone to learn on. He is the only one you can rely on for His words are Yes and Amen!
I love your dearly, missing you and I will continue to miss you till we see again
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