Certain Things You Should not Share With Your Man

Certain Things You Should not Share With Your Man

Can there be a secret between man and woman that are meant for each other? The answer here is yes and no. Yes in the sense that, if you’re starting your new relationship, you don’t need to reveal your entire secret to your man. No because, since you’re one, everything about you should be made known by your partner.

In this post, I want to dwell on the “Yes” response. Certain things you should not share with your man especially when you’re just starting your relationship. These secrets though when the relationship reach certain stage, you must let him aware of it. But ideally, they are not something to be talked about at the initial stage of your relationship.

Certain Things You Should not Share With Your ManOften times, you may be carried away with your emotion, but you need to put it under control because of what you’re getting into, a new relationship. Putting your emotion under check will help you withhold yourself in a way that place values on yourself and preserve your dignity at the same time.

Man will appreciate your sweetness, if he felt that he earned it, he will kind of like a king or conqueror for going through the stages of convincing you to win your heart. So, you need to be attractive and one of the ways to do that is through the way you talk about yourself.

The way you talk about yourself because you feel you’re getting close to him and sharing personal details and stories that ordinarily you can’t discuss it with just anyhow person. When it comes to dating, you need to be precautious. Your past stories and experiences talk need to be carefully selected so as not to jeopardize the relationship you’re trying to build with him.

First of all, before you begin to share all these stories with him, you need to have a guideline in your mind of what stories need tell and which of them need not tell at the stage you’re. Don’t start talking about the negative kind of life you lived before meeting him. How poorly you were brought up won’t interest him either. Put any form of complaint talk out of the equation right now and present your positive best before him.

It is true that, there is time for everything, your initial dating period, no matter how you felt over in love with him, should be well packaged in such a way to avoid all form of complaint and not too good kind of life you’ve lived in the past. No man will want to waste his time listening to that kind of talk with you. If you do, you’re giving him the thought of looking elsewhere for another date and not you. When it is time to discuss those uninteresting stories about you, you’ll definitely know that the time is ripe.

Let him associate good feelings with you, you should not let him remember you through depressing or boring story that you told him. Wait until that time reach, before you can start sharing some certain issues with him. Be wary of how you talk about yourself because, broadcasting the wrong impression upon man will doom you the same situation again and again.

So, certain thing like these should not be shared with your man especially at the onset of your dating journey.

Have you had such issues, where what you share with him caused you your relationship? Or perhaps you got more light to throw into this subject matter? I will like to hear you, please make use of the comment form below to let share in your experience. Feel free to hit me up on my Facebook fan page where several other people do share and learn from what we discuss over there.

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