Is your car a luxury or necessity: Save Money on Car Key Replacement

Losing your car key or locking yourself out of your car before realizing that your car key is still stuck in the ignition can make you feel dreadful. I’ve been there!  This guide is meant to teach you how to save money on car key replacement.

Unless you have a spare key that you can quickly use, losing your car key can cost you an enormous amount of money. Also, it would cause a lot of stress.

We have provided in this article auto locksmith tips that minimize your chances of losing your car keys. These tips will also help you to save some money on the auto key replacement.

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Unless you have a spare key that you can quickly use, losing your car key can cost you an enormous amount of money. Also, it would cause a lot of stress.

We have provided in this article auto locksmith tips that minimize your chances of losing your car keys. These tips will also help you to save some money on the auto key replacement.

A number of cars have doors that are locked up a once but a few older model cars only lock the driver’s door initially. If your car is any of the old cars, you may be able to get into the car through any of the back doors.

Another easy access to your car when locked out could be through the trunk especially if you have a car with a foldable back seat. Remember that you can always seek the services of certified locksmith in your area to help you out whenever you are stuck.

Car key replacement tips to minimize your chances of being locked out of your car

There are many reasons why people can be locked out of their car differ greatly including absent-mindedness or distractions, breaking the key inside the lock or lose the key.

1) Get a duplicate copy of your Car Key

Having a backup spare auto key is the easiest way to avoid being locked out of your car. It is better to have three different keys for your car.

The first key is your main key; the second auto key may be given to a trusted friend or a family member that could easily come to your aid whenever you are in need.

You can put the third key in a secret place where you can easily get to should you lose your main car key or lock yourself out.

You may also make extra copies and keep extra one each in your home and office. This auto locksmith tip ensures that you are never locked out of your vehicle for long-time.

If you lost your key while out and about, it will no longer be a serious issue because you know that you have a spare somewhere.

2) Purchase a good Bluetooth Alarm Tracker

Bluetooth alarm trackers are plain ornaments for your car key holder that you can connect to your phone. They are handy when you lose your car key but you must also ensure that you don’t as well lose your phone. They are also fanciful ornamental pieces of hardware.

3) Create a mechanical key

Another good auto locksmith tip for you is to make a mechanical key that doesn’t have a transmitter. These forms of keys would help you when you are locked out of your car.

A mechanical key can also work for car transponder keys. Such keys cannot start off your vehicle ignition but are handy when you are locked out of your car.

They are also useful in the event you lost your car key. Because they contain the cut of your car key, the locksmith could easily make use of it to produce another car key.

The mock-up can be copied to a transponder blank key and connected easily to your vehicle without having to pull out your car locks first.

4) Make claim of your car insurance

You can save cost on car key replacement through your insurance cover.

5) Get a Cheaper Car Key Replacement

Getting a car key replacement through your car dealership is costly. Auto locksmiths offer a much cheaper alternative to car dealerships. They can help to re-cut and recode your car key.

They also come to you. You don’t need to tow your vehicle to your car dealership. Auto locksmiths can have exact models of your car keys although they may look different, they work perfectly fine.

When you book an appointment with them endeavor to go with your car documents and driving license to prove you are the owner.

Why you need to be more careful to avoid losing your car key

If you only have one car key, losing it could cost you a huge sum of money. You can get another key done through the use of your VIN or by pulling locks and creating another key.

Creating new car key through VIN method is more cost-effective. The downside is that it only works if you have never replaced your car ignition.

Both pulling old lock and installing a new one or replacing a lock through VPN is pricey and expensive especially as many new models of cars are mainly made up of transponder keys. Your quickest and easiest alternative is having enough spare keys to use during emergency periods.

With electronic constituent built into the car key head, auto key replacement can rip your pocket. These forms of car keys come with inbuilt remote which ought to be programmed to make it recognizable for your car. This would require the services of a locksmith which doesn’t come cheap.

If your car key has been cut by a laser, your best alternative would be to tow the car to the car dealer which definitely means a lot of money.

Although it is easy to order for a replacement from your car dealership, it is no longer cheap. The cost ranges from a couple of hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars. It all depends on the vehicle model and make.

The cost is mostly for re-cut, programming and coding needed to activate alarms or inbuilt remote control locks. Also, it takes an enormous amount of time for the key to be ready which means you may be off the load for about ten days while waiting to collect your replacement key.

Auto locksmith tips to consider when you are about to purchase new vehicle

  • Do not discard the tiny metal tag that accompanies the new key
  • Always keep it safe. The tag is made up of a code that tells locksmith your car key cut. With the code, the locksmith can easily make a replacement key without having to pull out the locks.
  • Order for two or more extra key copies when you are purchasing your car

This ensures that you have a handy spare key to use. Some cars only come with specific numbers of keys and if you must get extra numbers of keys, the computer of the car needs to be flashed and reprogrammed by a dealer which is very pricey.


Prevention is better than cure. The best way to save on auto key replacement is to prevent the occurrence in the first place. Have your back-up spare to ensure that you are not locked out for a long time. This will save you lots of headaches and money and ensure that you get into your vehicle in good time.

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