Parenthood on Wheels: 4 Car Hacks for Moms and Dads

When it comes to traveling with children, it seems like there is always something that comes up that can make the trip a bit complicated. It could be anything from the kids getting bored while they are in the car to an emergency with a child who is car sick. There are a few hacks that you can keep in mind to make any trip in the car a bit more pleasant for everyone.Parenthood on Wheels: 4 Car Hacks for Moms and Dads

The Right Car

One of the easiest things that you can do as a parent is to get a car that is the right size for the family. You don’t want to get a two-door car with young children as it can be hard to get them in and out of car seats in the back seat. As children grow, they might not have the room that they need in a smaller car. A van is ideal for larger families or if you have older children as they will have more space in the vehicle to spread out when you’re traveling. Used car dealerships often have a large selection of vehicles that include vans and hatchbacks. A hatchback, such as those that you can get at Woody Sander Ford, would be an option if you have a lot of items to take with you when you’re traveling, such as a stroller or a playpen.

Plastic Containers

Instead of using a small trash can in the car, you can use a plastic cereal container. Most of these containers have a lid on them, making it easy to keep trash in one place so that it doesn’t get spilled on the floor in the car. Cereal containers are also good for keeping snacks in the car, especially fruit snacks or granola bars that come in small packages.

DVD Coloring Box

The DVD boxes that you no longer need can be transformed to coloring boxes. Put a pad of paper on one side of the box and crayons and colored pencils on the other side. Small coloring books that don’t have a lot of pages can also usually fit in the box. This is a good way to keep kids busy while they are in the car as they can draw what they see on the trip.

Dryer Sheets

Place a box of dryer sheets in the car to help eliminate odors. You can also use a dryer sheet on the car seat cushion to help get rid of any hair from dogs that travel in the car as well. They are ideal for getting rid of odors that are associated with dirty diapers or food that has been left in the car for too long.

As a parent, you have to be prepared for anything when it comes to the car. Make sure there is plenty of space for everyone to ride in the car comfortably. Keep a few things inside the car to keep kids busy, and use a few household items to keep the car clean and smelling fresh.

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