How You Can Get Your Guy’s Mum To Like You

How You Can Get Your Guy’s Mum To Like You

Many times, it is not always easy to meet the mother of your guy for the very first time, there’s always lots of tension and nervousness around you. Mothers are always tricky and if you don’t know how to go about meeting them in the first place, you may find it hard enjoying your relationship with her son.

To lots of mother, especially mothers that enjoy the company of their son, for another woman coming into the life of their son, is it just like a rivalry because their son is going to get dividend attention. Not that those mothers don’t want their sons to get hook up with a young lady they love, but the reality is just that, the love they’ve been shared since his childhood is about to accommodate another woman who is possibly going to take larger possession of that love.

How You Can Get Your Guy’s Mum To Like YouHow then do you get in the good book of your guy’s mum and enjoy your relationship with her son without her seeing you as a rival for her son attention and affection?

Learn more about what she’s into

You may find it a little difficult to strike a conversation with your guy’s mum at first, but when you get it going somehow, it is time to bring up some of what you’ve learn about her from your guy. Asking relevant questions from her son and gaining some insight into the kind of personality her mother is, will help you gather more information about her that you can use during your conversation with her.

When the mother realizes you know something about her, she’ll be willing to open up to you even with further discussion that’ll help you to understand and still know more about what she likes. Your purpose here is to get her talking and discussing stuffs with you, which will give you the confidence to interact with her better to create a blissful atmosphere.

Explore more on her interest and passion

It is somewhat difficult for anyone to keep mute when their passion or something they really have special interest in is being discussed. People will naturally want to associate themselves with people of like mind, with people that share the same interest with them. When you know what your guy’s mum has passion for, go learn more about that thing and talk about it with her, you’ll feel love by her and she won’t be seeing you as her rival in her son’s attention and affection.

Seek for her advice even on issues you already have an idea about

Your guy’s mum will love and appreciate it when you go to her to seek for her opinion and advice over some certain thing once in a while, especially on issues that involve her son. She will be more likely to give you her best, so that you’ll have a smooth relationship with her son and even suggest what you can do to make her son love you more from her experience with your guy as he was growing up under her watch.

The use of gift when the need arise.

You have to be careful with the use of gift, if you give her to much gift, you might enter into trouble with her because, she will think you’re trying to buy her with your gift. But sending her gift when the need arise, like during any Christmas season, Easter Season and some other seasons that people expect to get a gift. Maybe something like her birthday, mother’s day and some other important dates you feel like giving her something (do it for other dates randomly). You can find out from your guy what her mother likes during your discussion with him, if she likes any particular perfume, jewellery, clothes and some other stuff that she will cherish for a gift.

When you make use of these tips, you will find it easier to get along with your guy’s mum and she has no option other than to like you and possibly see you as one of her own daughter. Remember to be appreciative of her advice and thank her for raising such guy that’s in love with you.

It is the dream of every guy to see her mother and her girlfriend flow along with interesting conversation; this will make him love you more than any ladies he might have dated in the past. The challenges between mother’s-in-law and wife can be easily overcome when you follow the tips as stated above.

I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions or comment, don’t hesitate to let me hear from you. Use the comment box below to let me hear your opinion on how you can get your guy’s mum to like you.

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