3 Most Important Reasons Why Men Switch off Their Promise Love

3 Most Important Reasons Why Men Switch off Their Promise Love

Have you ever been in a relationship where everything was going fine without any complain from your man, and you can’t even think of any possible problem that can cause a treat to that relationship?

But suddenly, things just got changed and you look helpless and clueless of what could have caused the sudden changes in the way your man love you.

3 Most Important Reasons Why Men Switch off Their Promise LoveThis truth is that, things like this does happens but how can you be sure that this particular thing is the cause of the dwindling nature of your man’s love.

Those reasons are exactly what you’re about to read right now in this post, the very top 3 of those reasons why men switch off their promise love and turn off all that affection shown toward you when they are pursuing you for possible date and when the relationship first started.

When you substitute appreciation and praise with nagging and blame

Men love being praised by their partner, and when you show him appreciation of all what he has done for you, he will want to do more as to earn more praise and appreciation from you.

But when you begin to substitute the appreciation with nagging and praise with blame, you’ll only succeeded in making his heart get further far away from you. What this mean is that, his love for you will begin to diminish gradually and if you don’t change, it will completely turn-off. Men just hate to be nagged and if it comes often, they begin to lose interest in the relationship.

When you’re getting critical about your man, he will feel, he can no longer make you happy in the relationship and the only option for him is to quit the relationship, and that will start  by switching off his love for you.

So, any time you observe you’re nagging him instead of appreciating him, you need to just stop and think about what you want to achieve in your relationship in a long run. Generally men/guys respond positively when you show appreciation even to the little things they do for you.

When you’re not making more effort to look or maintain your physical attraction

This is one issue lots of women forget about the impact it has when they just started falling in love during the dating period and the earlier part of their relationship. Physical attraction before anything else draw guy/men to you, and they follow up on that before getting to know more about you.

If you forget to continue to show that physical attraction why he’s attracted to you in the first place, you’re just gradually turning his desire for your wonderful and God given attribute off. You know more than I could talk here, you understand what’s that features that you perfectly packaged that made him wondering and whispering for the kind of physical attraction you possess.

Don’t stop making yourself beautiful even if you’re many years into the relationship, don’t feel relax and say after all, he’s already committed seriously into the relationship. You might just turn off his love switch if you no longer attract him through your physical attribute.

You see, if a guy is physically attracted to you, there is much higher chances that he’ll remain committed to the relationship even if things are getting harder. You need to just continue to use your physical attraction to seduce him in the way that makes him fall for you several times with your sexy outfits.

When you fail to satisfy him with the unarguably the most pleasurable moment in bed

Mating is so much important to your relationship that if you do without it, your man will not continue to love as you expected. I can’t just stress enough how important sex is to every relationship.

You can be sure of the quality of the relationship to go down rapidly when a man is deprive of that most pleasurable moment. Men/guys need it to maintain healthy connection and intimacy with their partner. Don’t make him look insecure and feel he’s not man enough to turn you on when he need to be intimate with you.

These 3 reasons given above are the most important factor why men switch off their promise love. So, don’t do without them and you’ll see how your man will continue to shower his love on you every day as long as he lives.

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