Brown eyes makeup tips: 8 Makeup tips for Brown Eyes

Brown is a neutral color that is made up of different color shades on the color wheel. This article provides brown eyes makeup tips that you can follow to look great.

Thus, if you are a brown-eyed woman, when it comes to makeup, you’d find it a bit simpler. Having said that, different set of brown eyes have different degree of brown shades of color and would require different brown eyes makeup tips.

brown eyes makeup tips
brown eyes makeup tips

Some have much lighter brown eyes with greenish effects, others have brown set of eyes that look like pictures of poured coffee, and a few others yet have very dark brown eyes that almost blend together with the color of their pupil.

To actually boost your brown eyes, you need to take into consideration if your eyes are light, medium or dark brown, and work with that.

Make your eyes Brighter

The first thing you need to do is to brighten your eyes and make them a bit whiter.

Sleeping adequately and taking good care of the body help your eyes to look brighter and more whitish.

However, if what you want is a quick fix, use eye drops that is specifically meant for brighter eyes.

Brown eyes makeup tips: Go with your iris flecks

Not all brown-eyed women were endowed with brightly colored flecks in her irises. If your brown eyes are luckily endowed with this desirable trait, your brown eye makeup tips would be to emphasize it.

Select an eye shadow or eyeliner that is equivalent to the flecks, and admire your brown eyes taking the core stage.

Use delicate Colors That boost

If what you want is a more natural, reticent brown eyes makeup tips, go for charcoals, browns, coppers or bronzes on intermediate and dark brown colored eyes.

If you have lighter brown eyes, your best subtle brown eyes makeup tips is to use whitish gray, bone and sparkling wine colored eye makeup.

Use spectacular Colors That Boosts

If you are a brown-eyed woman who wants a spectacular makeup look, go for shades of green, purple and blue. Those colors would make you look sparkling. Cobalt and navy blue color hues are mostly suitable to brown eyes of all shades.

Also forest green, emerald green and deep purple makeup colors are very suitable for your brown eyes. The more luxuriantly pigmented your color is, the better for you.

Use suitable Eyeliner

At all time, for night-time makeup use black rim liner just about the inner border of your whole eye to close it and make it appear smokey and corporeal. For daytime brown eye makeup tips, use a fleshy, brown-colored liner in the edge line. If you intend to appear a bit more daring, make use of green eyeliner.

Use suitable Mascara

If you are a woman with dark brown eyes, you are much luckier. Any color hue of mascara will be suitable for you. If you have medium brown eyes, you will appear your very best in black, onyx or gray mascara.

Applying equivalent slate-like colors can make your lighter eyes appear dull.  Thus, if you have pale looking brown eyes, your brown eyes makeup tips is to use dark brown mascara. For an explosion of color, if you are an all brown-eyed woman, go for plum mascara.

Draw attention to the rims of your eyes

To draw attention to your brown eyes and make them look a little broader, dab a highlighter on the inner curve of your eyes. Otherwise, line the inner rims of your eyes with white eyeliner. This as well brightens your eyes and right away makes you to look completely awake and alert even when you didn’t have enough sleep.

Curtail Other Features

If your brown eyes makeup tips and makeup goal is to boost your brown eyes, underplay your other features. For instance, a dark red lip contends with smokey and spectacular eyes, but a natural-colored lip will center more on your eyes.

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