The Wedding Ring Planning Tips And The Nigerian Factor

Now that you’ve found your perfect match, the next important thing is to find the perfect wedding ring for her.  Most brides want their proposal to include an engagement ring, but others are very particular about their jewelry, and want to be part of the buying/designing process. Even if you went ring shopping together, or if she’s suspicious that a proposal is imminent, your lady wants to be caught off guard when you get down on one knee.

General Contextwedding ring

The wedding ring is an emblem which signifies marital agreement between two people by means of a wedding; it is a representation of the fact that a person is married. For many men, the purchase of their lady’s engagement ring will be their first experience in the wild world of jewelry. Buying an engagement ring can be an overwhelming task. There is a lot of pressure on the purchase. I’ve seen men who are very confident about their intention to get married but get confused when it’s time to pick the ring. There are lots of excellent options, plans to make and steps to take before you slip that band into her finger.

The Nigerian Factor

In most Nigerian weddings, the wedding ring is as important as the wedding itself. Except in a few Christian denominations and cultures or people who have personal aversions to wearing jewelry, a wedding is incomplete without the exchange of wedding rings.

Sometimes during the wedding ceremony, the officiating minister or co-coordinator of the proceedings directs the couple to exchange their rings as a symbol of their lifetime commitment to each other. But before getting to this stage, the perfect ring must have been chosen. You’ll likely wear your engagement and wedding ring for the rest of your life, and chances are it will be your most prized possession. No doubt, you want something just right for you.

Choosing a wedding ring

It’s not a bad idea to look to others for help, but trust your own instinct. Consider your wife personality when you are looking for choice of wedding or engagement ring. She may be pretty easy going about her choice of ring but do try and go for something she would cherish. You may get her sister or a close friend to approve of the ring before you purchase it. They can form your “ring search committee”. It is good to have them help, however, make sure that whoever is helping you would not blow up the element of surprise that comes with a wedding proposal.

Proposing first and shopping for engagement ring together

Another tactic some men employ is proposing first and shopping for a ring with their fiancee. This is in situations where you’d prefer that her choice and tastes are fully accounted for. It is just as romantic, but it means you’ll need to provide a mock-ring for the engagement, and explain to her that you’d rather have the two of you choose the ring together.

Shopping wedding ring together

When it comes to the wedding ring however, many couples will go to the store together and choose a set that matches and fits both of their styles together. The best wedding ring will be one that you fall instantly in love with; a wedding ring that looks good on your finger and fits in your budget.

Research is important at this stage. Don’t rely on prices and variety from only one source. There are lots of places you can get great deals. When shopping for my wedding ring, I did my research online and also went into stores to have a closer look before making a choice. In most Nigeria Jewelry stores are physical and not online so making a visit to the shops is the key. However, you can do your research online prior to this so you have an idea of what you want and you don’t get confused.

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