The Best Engagement Rings For Every Budget: A Shopping Guide

Finding the perfect engagement ring is one of your most important purchases. It’s a symbol of love—a commitment to another. Your partner will wear it every day for years to come.
However, with so many styles and price points, figuring out where to start can be tricky.

Best Engagement Rings For Every Budget

According to statistics, 59% of partners go against the convention of paying three months’ salary for the perfect ring. Instead, partners buy what suits their budget and don’t put undue financial pressure on themselves.

The shopping guide below offers many stunning options depending on your budget.

1. Engagement Rings Under USD$1,000

If you’re working with a tight budget, don’t worry; plenty of options are still available. One of the best ways to save money is to choose a smaller diamond or a different gemstone. 

For example, moissanite is an excellent alternative to a diamond. It has similar properties but is much more affordable.

Another option is a halo setting, which features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or gemstones to give the illusion of a larger ring. Ultimately, the style should complement the wearer and accommodate their preferences.

2. Engagement Rings Between USD$1,000-3,000

A popular style between USD$1,000 and $3,000 is solitaire engagement rings. The setting usually has a round or oval-cut lab-grown diamond. It’s a classic, timeless style that pairs well with a future wedding band.

Other popular diamond shapes in this price range are round and princess cuts.  A round diamond has 58 facets, which gives it maximum brilliance and sparkle. A princess-cut diamond, in contrast, has a square shape and a modern, geometric look.

A three-stone ring also draws in many customers in this price range. It includes a center stone flanked by two smaller gemstones. It could be used to represent your relationship’s past, present, and future. 

Vintage-inspired rings, often featuring intricate details and filigree work, are also a great choice for those wanting a unique style.

3. Engagement Rings Between US$3,000-5,000

At this bracket, you can consider higher-quality diamonds and more elaborate settings. The most admired diamond shapes in this price range are round, princess, and cushion cuts.

A cushion-cut diamond has a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, which gives it a softer, gentler look, perfect for all the hopeless romantics.

One sought-after engagement ring style in this price range is a pavé setting. The eye-catching feature of these rings comes from small diamonds set into the band to create maximum sparkle.

An option also available is a split shank setting. With this style, the band splits into two as it approaches the center stone. A design that genuinely adds visual interest can make that appear more prominent.

4. Engagement Rings Between USD$5,000-10,000

As your budget increases, so would your diamond, metal, and setting options. No wonder partners opt for diamond shapes that are round, princess, cushion, or emerald cuts.

To explain the emerald cut: these diamonds have a rectangular shape with cropped corners, which give them a more vintage, art deco-inspired look.

Here, couples can consider the halo setting with a double shank. Its design features a center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds or gemstones. Two bands also split off from the halo to create a dramatic effect.

If the halo setting isn’t for you, consider a tension-setting style. Instead of having prongs or bezels to hold the diamond, it has a cleaner appearance, with only pressure holding the stone.

5. Engagement Rings Over USD$10,000

If you have a budget over USD$10,000, the sky’s the limit regarding the quality and size of your diamond. This price range’s most in-demand diamond shapes are round, princess, cushion, emerald, and pear cuts. A pear-cut diamond has a teardrop shape, creating a unique, elegant look.

The ring style most couples in this price range opt for is a halo setting with a split shank and a pavé band. Additionally, melee diamonds surround the center stone, creating a halo. These smaller diamonds of under 0.2 carats add luster and cost much less than the larger diamond.

Best Engagement Rings For Every Budget

With all these features, rings in this budget sparkle more, complimenting the wearer’s finger and creating extra presence. If these are still not enough, couples can also consider a custom ring design that will surely be the talk of the town.

Know What To Pick

One thing is clear, buying an engagement ring is a very personal experiencefrom the couple’s preferences to their budget. After all, no two love stories are the same, so why should their engagement rings be?

As long as the ring compliments the wearer’s personality, it can be the best choice, no matter the cost. Instead of following outdated traditions, write a new one by choosing the best ring for you.

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Antoinette W. Heard is a 32-year-old jeweler specializing in engagement rings. She enjoys sharing the perfect designs with her customers and matching them with their preferences and personality. She also loves hiking outdoors when not working on her newest creations.

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