6 Tips For Buying A Custom-Made Engagement Ring Or Band

Does it feel it is forever? Like they are the one? Well, the time has come to take a step forward of making a promise of spending life together. Absolutely we are talking about getting engaged. And if that is in your mind already, it is time to buy that one unique jewelry piece that your partner deserves. And when we are looking for something special or one of a kind, it is always suggested to go for something custom made. After all, your engagement jewelry needs to be as unique as your relationship, isn’t it?

Custom-Made Engagement Ring

But when it comes to custom-made jewelry pieces, most couples think that custom wedding rings or bands are reserved for celebrity couples with unique tastes. And when such couples go for shopping custom-made engagement rings or bands, they are found confused and stressed. 

If you are in the same boat, we are here to help you shove off your stress and confusion regarding purchasing custom-made engagement jewelry. 

Here Are Some Quick Tips You Can Follow.

Start Early

There are some basic principles applied while buying jewelry. Ensure that you have enough time for the entire process. Custom-made wedding rings or bands are not your things if you are crunched for time. The better option is premade designs if you want to buy something just a few weeks before your D-day. And since you are going for custom-made jewelry pieces, there are some extra shopping tips to follow. 

Starting early gives you plenty of time to ideate the design and appreciate your final product. So, if you desire a custom-made ring or band, work with a reputed jeweler and give them enough time to bring the best in your jewelry. You will see things moving forward beautifully without stressing you out.

Get Inspired

While we are suggesting you start early, we include the time it takes to look for inspiration. If you are motivated by your favorite celebrities, keep an eye out for photos and images where they are wearing the type of rings and bands you want to purchase. Remember, every jeweler loves it when their clients come with a clear idea of wedding rings and bands they want to purchase. 

If you can collect some images of wedding rings or bands to pass on to the creative team of the jeweler, it will help them to integrate your preference into the design of a custom-made ring or band.

Choose Your Jeweler

Not every jeweler is an expert in designing custom-made rings or bands. It takes years of experience and expertise to understand your aesthetic goals and guide you through the process. Intercontinental Jewelers specializes in custom jewelry making, and they can make any ring or band you are eyeing. Whether you have collected the designs from the internet or from the latest movies you have watched, you can pass them on to them to use as a base for their creation.

Pick A Suitable Center Stone

Since most people prefer diamonds over other gemstones for their wedding rings or bands, choose from various diamonds after asking questions about cut, clarity, color, and carat. If you don’t want to follow the design that inspired you as it is, you can add your own flavor by choosing a different center stone. Also, don’t forget about the certificates to ensure you buy the right ones.

Choose From A Variety Of Metals

If you are going for a custom-made ring or band, you can choose from various metals, specifically yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Diamonds sparkle more with platinum and white gold. But if you are buying some other gemstones, yellow gold and rose gold are also the options you can consider. 

Most celebrities prefer diamonds with white gold or platinum as they look iconic together. But we have also seen beautiful designs come to life with unique center gemstones and other metals.

Be Mindful About The Setting

Now let’s get into more detail about the ring or band you will purchase. By now, we only discussed the creative process, and here you need to return to your design’s safety requirements. Though you will choose a wedding ring or band according to your partner’s taste and preferences, you also need to ensure that your aesthetically pretty wedding ring or band has the correct setting.


Buying a custom-made engagement ring or band does not need to be a tiresome experience. Intercontinental Jewelers has been helping couples remove their stress for decades by designing extraordinary custom-made jewelry pieces with various designs, gemstones, shapes, and settings. The above tips are designed to understand what to look for while purchasing custom-made engagement rings or bands.

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