How To Attract The Guy of Your Dream

Are you looking for an ideal guy? Have you found him and you want to attract him to your life because you think he is the man for you?

Well! Everything you will ever need to find the man of your dreams has been provided in this article.

How to attract the guy of your dreamAttracting a guy is not that difficult if you know how to go about it, that is, thinking like a guy and when you can think like him, there you have him and nothing more.

So then, how do you think like a guy to attract him to yourself?

Act Like Independent Lady

Thinking like a guy will require you to act as an independent lady, to act in a such way, this will require acting confidently which is one the best trait of a guy, you need learn how he thinks and his personalities in general. That is all you need to do, I know it is easier said than done, but I can guarantee you that is the only way lady can attract the guy of her dream.

Use Two Level of Attraction

There are only two ways of attraction level that you can use to attract him to you once you’ve learn the way he thinks, the way he behave, his personality and all of that.

It is either you endear him to yourself through physical attraction or moral attraction. Both ways work wonders but one is more effective than the other.

Attract Him Through Physical Attraction

Attracting guys through physical attraction work fast, you can get him very fast by your appearance, dressing, the way you carry yourself, through sexy eyes contact, touching in a kind of ways to make him want more of that.

You already know all of that you can do, but attracting a guy through physical attraction has a lower percentage of converting the guy for long term relationship.

Attract Him Through Moral Attraction

Attracting a guy through moral attraction has a higher rate of committing the guys for long term relationship than the physical attraction.

What did I mean by attraction on moral level, here is what I mean.

Don’t give room for physical contact easily. Doing that early in your ways of attracting him, will make him not to struggle hard to lay his hands on you and any part of your body because he has it in his mind already that you’re too easy, you can’t resist such an attempt from him and after all, you started it by yourself.

Still part of moral attraction level, you must show confidence. To prove this, do not make the mistake of condemning your previous dates to his hearing, this will give him the feeling of insecurity staying around you, and he will now see you as a big baggage and liability to carry.

This is because, the possibility of you leaving him has just be reveal by you to him. He will have it at the back of his mind that, you can still meet another guy and condemn him too, so why would he commit himself deeply to you.

Never Appear Needy

As I said earlier on, don’t make the mistake before him that you’re needy; it shows sign of dependency, always behave as if you’re an independent lady. If you appear to him as if you need help, you’ve already sent him off and if he waits, he just wants to explore your body and leave.

Don’t Condemn Other Ladies

I must also point out clearly here that most ladies send guys off their ways through some of their arrogant and selfish behaviors like, condemning or criticizing other ladies in his presence. You might think that you are doing the right thing, but this repels men off you, especially when you do this, to kill his interest in a certain nice lady that passes by or lives close by.

The best way for a lady to attract the guy of her dream is to combine the two attraction level but ensure that more of emotional level of attraction always take the center stage. If you must capture a guy, get him on emotional and sexual capturing.

I mention sexual because guy like it whether you like it or not but that should be the last of the two, emotional first, then sexual can follow much more latter.

Men are highly driven by sex but that is not the best way to attract him to stay for a long lasting relationship.

Starting with Sexual Appeal is a Red-line

Another great mistake that most ladies do, which sends men off their tracks, is the mentality of seeing men as being only driven by sexual satisfaction and urge. If you know a guy or you have a guy as a friend, and you want him to fall in love with you, please, don’t do this through sexual appeals, instead, follow the emotional and moral appeals.

What else do you need to do?

Here are other valuable attributes and characters you will need to empower your moral or emotional attraction level, to find and attraction the man of your dream

  1. Give him a pleasant smile anywhere you see him, he has no other options than to think, this lady likes me and that’s how men think and behave.
  2. Ensure your greetings are friendly, don’t frown your face greeting him in pretension, men will think of it in the other way round.
  3. Anytime you’re with him, try to discuss current issues, sports, science and technology and news with him, he will see you as intelligent lady and someone who is current and trendy. Guys love ladies who got such ability, you will make a good partner and there won’t be a dulling moment staying with you.
  4. This one work wonder, always ask after his mother, guys love their mother than their father, and that will make him come to ask for your hand in marriage.
  5. When he is down or sick, visit him regularly and pay close attention to how he’s doing, don’t try buying gift of flower in such visit, but buy books that you know he likes and he will appreciate it more.
  6. Don’t dress provocatively when you know you will see or meet him, he will see you as every other ladies on the street.
  7. Ensure you pay close attention to his talk when he’s telling you any story, smile politely to his talks
  8. Don’t try to argue with his word when you’re with him or argue with anybody when he’s around you.

If you can follow these great ideas and tips on how to attract your dream guy, I promise you, you will not find it difficult to settle with the guy of your dream.

I will like to hear your success story with guys after following this guide, please do share your successes with us here and if you still feel that there is still something or area of attracting the guy of your dream that I do not touch here, please feel free to let me know through the comment box below.

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