Is she here to stay? 10 signs to show she is a keeper

When it comes to relationships, a lot of men sometimes find it hard knowing if the woman they like is a keeper.

How can you know that the woman you are dating is here to stay?

How can you know you are dating the right person?

What signs indicate that she is a keeper?

Knowing fully well that people pretend a lot in order to get what they want, I believe it is best you can identify those signs that tell you she is a keeper.

To therefore satisfy your curiosity, the signs written in this article should be what you are looking for.

If you are able to know those signs, it would be easy to make up your mind about going steady with that woman.

She won’t pretend:

There’s one thing about pretending and that is the fact that it will end one day.

There is a limit to how long a person can pretend and I believe this comes with time.

If she is a keeper, she won’t be able to pretend to you because it is not a part of her.

If you study her enough, you will discover this fact about her.

When people don’t pretend, whatever they do flows naturally so it is quite easy to tell.

She’ll always be there:

10 signs to show she is a keeper

If she is a keeper, she will always be there for you no matter the circumstances.

If she cares so much about you, she would want you to always be happy.

She’ll go the extra mile for you:

I have heard people say that a woman would do anything for love and this is absolutely true.

When a woman loves, she does so wholehearted even to a fault.

So I believe you should know if she is a keeper by the things she does for you which sometimes seem unimaginable.

She’ll be happy doing what she does:

You’ll notice that if she is a keeper, she will find pleasure and happiness in the things she does for you.

She will hardly complain but do them because of her love for you.

She’ll be concerned:

10 signs to show she is a keeper

A woman that is here to stay will be concerned about all that matter to you.

From your personal issues to your career or business to your family matters; she would want to know if everything is okay.

She won’t only show concern but also lend a helping hand.

She would want to know your family:

If she is a keeper, she would want to know members of your family and if possible communicate with them.

It doesn’t prove that she is nosy, it just shows that she wants to know all about you.

She would act like she is already married to you:

If she is a keeper, you will surely know because she would not only act like a mother to you but she would treat you as if you were her husband.

She will genuinely profess her love to you:

If she is a keeper, she will not hide her feelings towards you. She will not hesitate to tell anyone everyone how much you mean to her.

She’ll talk about the future:

If she is a keeper, she will prove to you that she sees you in her future.

She will not do things just for the immediate but she will consider a long term effect of any action she takes.

She will say things that will suggest futuristic actions.

Personal conviction:

Aside the signs you physically witness, I believe knowing if she is a keeper also depends on the conviction you have within you.

At times you may not need a soothsayer to tell you this but your personal conviction is all you might need.

It isn’t really hard identifying what those signs are if you are determined to know the true nature of the woman you love.

I hope these signs will be able to convince you that she is indeed a keeper.

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