5 Likely Reasons You May Want To Ditch Your Boyfriend For Someone Else

“You cannot be serious; you mean you actually want to ditch your boyfriend?” I asked my friend Vivian and her reply was positive. I tried to imagine why she had made up her mind to leave the guy she had been in a relationship with for two years.

Have you ever wondered why some ladies would decide to let go of their present boyfriends just to be with someone else?

Vivian and Harry seemed like the perfect couple; they were always around each other and always looked happy so why the sudden choice to leave him?

I turned to Vivian to ask her why and I was surprised at the responses she gave me and as I looked into her eyes, there was this glow I saw and I knew for a fact that her mind was already made up.

So, why do you want to ditch your boyfriend? Here are the reasons she gave:

He no longer values me:

5 Likely Reasons You May Want To Ditch Your Boyfriend

Like Vivian, this may be one of the reasons you might want to ditch your boyfriend. There are times in relationships especially the ones that have been on for some time where you feel so relaxed and comfortable with your girlfriend that you think you can act the way you like with her.

One thing about women is that they are very emotional and tend to interpret things based on how they feel which men may not understand.

A woman wants a man to be loving, caring and nice to her from the first day they start dating till eternity.

If such women find a man who treats them and cherishes them the way they like, there is the tendency to want to leave their current boyfriend for another.

He no longer expresses his love to me:

Every woman wants to hear sweet words from the man they love constantly. But if a man thinks in his heart that his girlfriend is all his and does not see the need to continually remind her that she is the love of his life, he might just lose her to some other guy.

What a woman hears and the acts of love shown to her by her boyfriend means so much to her and so if someone else is ready to make her feel loved by his words and actions, what do you think she would do?

He does not spend on me:

I strongly believe that money is not everything but if you say you love someone, isn’t it right to spend your money on her?

I agree that the guy may not be earning so much but the least he can do is buy her something small to show he appreciates her and not just assume that she understands he doesn’t earn so much.

This may therefore be one of the reasons you might want to ditch your boyfriend for someone else.

He is selfish:

If a lady starts having this feeling that her boyfriend is selfish and thinks only of himself then she may be put off by this attitude. When you are in a relationship, you ought to think about how whatever you do affects the two of you and not you alone.

Why would a guy do things that please him alone without considering his girlfriend? I do not think there should be anytime in a relationship where you are self centered. If it gets to this in your relationship then something is indeed wrong.

I no longer feel the love:

5 Likely Reasons You May Want To Ditch Your Boyfriend

Love can diminish in a relationship if it is not nurtured and I know for a fact that you may ditch your boyfriend for this one reason. If things no longer go the way you want them to or if you do not feel the spark in your love life, you may want to leave him for someone else.

These were some of the reasons Vivian gave and I really could not blame her for wanting to do this. I could now understand why she felt the need to ditch her boyfriend and so many ladies out there also feel this way.

What other reasons do you think ladies ditch their boyfriends?

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