Discover the Various Love Languages in a Relationship

It is amazing to know that love languages exist in relationships and knowing what they are is really important.

Are you aware that every individual has his or her own love language and the way love is expressed differs from person to person?

Do you sometimes wonder why people misunderstand certain actions their partners portray?

For relationships to go smoothly, partners should understand the various love languages there are so they know one another better.

These love languages simply illustrate how best your partner views love.

They are:

Showing love through spoken words :

This is one of the love languages that deals with the spoken word. In relationships, some people take to heart what is said to them.

These set of people find fulfilment in the words spoken by their partner. Hearing words like “you mean the world to me” makes your heart race and means so much to you.

Also hearing certain words also make you feel terrible and not good about yourself.

Those words of affirmation stick with you for a long time.

Showing love by spending quality time:

Discover the Various Love Languages in a Relationship

If one of the love languages of your partner is quality time, this means he or she wants nothing else than to spend all their time with you.

This is more important to them than eating out or watching television.

If you do not show to them that they have your attention, they will be unhappy.

To make your partner happy, create quality time for them.

Showing love by receiving gifts:

If this is the love language your partner cherishes then you have to oblige him or her.

Some people like the fact that you actually thought of them and bought them something.

If your partner thinks like this, what he or she is concerned about is the fact that they are in your mind and heart.

This gesture of yours makes them feel really important.

When next you want to know how he or she feels when you give a gift, look out for the expression on their face.

Showing love through acts of service:

If you do things that you know your partner likes just so he or she can be happy then that is an act of service.

If this is one of the love languages of your partner then you ought to know what exactly you can do for them to make them happy.

Doing these things can come in the form of surprises which I know would make him or her ecstatic.

Imagine visiting your partner and noticing his or her apartment is dirty.

Taking out time to help in cleaning up is an act of service.

Showing love through touches:

Discover the Various Love Languages in a Relationship

If your partners love language is this then you need to be aware of this fact.

Physical touch may be a kiss, a peck, a hug, a pat in the back or a touch.

Whatever it is, doing this will make your partner feel glad and happy.

Some people do not know how to express their love which is not a good thing if you want your relationship to be great.

If this is one of your partners love language, he or she would want you to hug them when they come visiting and also when they are leaving.

These simple acts mean the world to them.

These love languages should be understood by any one in a relationship.

This is because every human being has a love language which they want to feel and experience.

So if you do not know what the love language of your partner is, how then can you make them happy?

It is very easy to mis interprete what you think his or her love language is.

If you do not know yet, it is time you study him or her so you can both be happy in that relationship.

Which of these listed is the love language of your partner?

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